27 05 2010

As of today, I am one-third of the way done with this Bio class. Wow. Kinda crazy, right?

But that’s what speed bio is.

I got a 9.5/10 on yesterday’s lab report. I thought I did better, but I mis-read a question and of course, my response was wrong. But it was only 1/2 of a point, so that’s okay.

Anyway, we had a quiz on basic chemistry today. As per the professor’s info the first day, after the 1st quiz of each section, we’d be given extra credit questions covering the previous material.

Before class, a classmate and I were quizzing one another. I seriously seemed clueless! Oh, goody. But I’m writing it off to sleeping poorly, waking up crazy early & not being awake. Because when I got the quiz, I breezed through it. In the review, there were just TWO questions I thought I got wrong – one about at which energy shell an atom is and the specific definition of a buffer (it neutralizes.)

There were also 10 extra credit questions from the last section of class – “Biology of Life.” Once again, the darn organ systems tripped me up. As did my complete ignorance of the atmospheric gasses, and my reading the word “lithosphere” as “biosphere.

When the professor handed back the quizzes during lab, she stopped me to tell me again that I was doing a great job, and asked why I was taking the class & if I planned to continue into a medical career. I told her I had applied to the Radiology program and she told me that again I was doing great and that going into radiology was a great idea for me. I can only assume that she knows what she’s talking about since she sees students all the time who are headed into various medical programs.  🙂

I ended up getting 28/30 on the actual quiz and 6.2/10 on the extra credit, so 34.2/30. Woo hoo!!!

So, one-third of the way in, all scores tallied, I have 107.9 points out of a total of 110. That’s 98% people!!

Wow!! I wanted to do well from the start in this class. I was determined to do well from the start. But I have to be honest:

1. I did not expect to LOVE biology like I do right now. It’s so amazingly interesting! Why couldn’t I have turned my brain on in HS to learn this? Oh, right, ADD. I was spinning off in space back then. Ugh.

2. I also didn’t think that I’d have that grade at this point. I was determined, but I was realistic. This was my first class in 12 years. And it would be my first tests in nearly 13. (My last year of college was seminars that didn’t really have tests – just papers and reports.) But apparently my multiple hour trips to the library every day and  that determination have paid off.

Let’s hope this continues. I plan to spend some time tomorrow, Saturday & Sunday in the library. I assume all of them are closed on Monday.

By the way, the Squirrel Hill branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is really nice & kinda funky. I really like it there.



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