Memorial Day Weekend 2010

31 05 2010

First, thank to those who have served to protect our country and freedom.

Wow. Nice 4 day weekend.


I spent Friday helping Birthday Girl & Giggles again.  Got a slight sunburn on my back, but it’s not bad. The column we started, is completely finished.

So I got to start on the big railing. I got most of one half of it done.

I spent Friday night hanging out with Giggles, Birthday Girl, ME and Artsy. Grilled chicken, salad from Giggles & BG’s garden, grilled kielbasa, corn on the cob and macaroni salad from Kuhn’s (the best mac salad EVER.) I love cookouts at Giggles & BG’s place. So laid back, and I love spending time in their kitchen with BG making the salads that we always have.


Saturday was the Yinz Team baseball OTA batting practice. I still fail at fielding a ball, but I did manage to get a few decent hits. I’m looking forward to this season and my team: Team Porkchop Express.  I also spent a few hours at the library, being a good student on Saturday. 🙂 Go me!


Sunday was the infamous Memorial Day Weekend party at Pseudo-Twin’s house. It was low key this year.  So much less crowded than last year.

We were treated to HowIMetYourRugger playing in the hillside of weeds… No real idea of what he was trying to accomplish…

We did manage to scrape together a Beer Olympics. Being that I do not, nor have I ever, participated in such things, I was the Beer Olympics “official.”

The teams of two participated in a beer pong tournament, a beer hurdles event (involving a beer poured into an ice cube tray and straws) and a dizzy-bat flip cup event (spin around the bat 5 times, run to the table, drink 1/2 of a beer, flip your cup, tag your teammate, rinse, lather, repeat.)

Yeah, these are things I’ve never wanted to be a part of. Thankyouverymuch. I was happy to be the score taker and announcer.

HowIMetYourRugger also brought some lobsters to the party… to be cooked on the grill.  He apparently also brought filet, but I didn’t get a picture of that.

Around the time these lobsters went on the grill, I left. Around 10pm. I drank maybe 2 1/2 beers during the 6 hours I was there. I wasn’t in the mood to drink, definitely didn’t want to get pulled over, and I had to study today since the library closed before I could get there on Friday.


I let myself sleep in till around 10, and I took a nap. I spent the whole day inside, studying on & off and watching TV and watching the rain outside. Nice, lazy, but responsible day.

And wow the rain and thunder today. Especially late in the day!

Tomorrow I’m back to class at 8am. The first big exam is on Wednesday, so I’ll be going to the library immediately after class and staying there as long as I can manage. I WILL get an A on this test.  I’m actually excited to get done with class & lab and get to the library.

I know, we’re all confused with this “responsible” person studying and trying to do her best as a “student.”

Thanks to all of you that I’ve seen this weekend who have asked how things are going and congratulated me and gave me support to continue how I’m doing. I have some pretty awesome friends. Yinz Team and ruggers. I love you guys.



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