2 06 2010


  • I’m seriously excited that I got 92.5/100 on the Bio exam. Woo hoo!!!
    • I should note that the wonderful Bio teacher, Lili, helped me learn & remember the Nitrogen bases of RNA & DNA last night. They were the last things I was having a lot of trouble with, and her info totally helped!!
  • I bought frozen blueberries today and will never do it again. I will buy fresh & pop them in the freezer myself. Because of the pre-frozen ones, I have blue fingers & nails. Wonderful.
  • The sunburn I got on Friday has been incredibly itchy & I think it’s going to start peeling soon. Nuts.
  • There is a wicked storm going on in Pittsburgh right now. Complete with hail, tornado warnings, crazy thunder & lightening and the news stations doing “Severe Weather” coverage pre-empting the regular TV shows. Good grief.
  • I am even more excited about the Little C & Me weekend, which is happening in 16 days… I found out last night that not only do I get to see Lili and NE and spend a WHOLE DAY with Little C, I also get to spend time with my favorite doggy, Dewey!! I am SO. EXCITED!!!!! Lili & family are driving up from Florida to Virginia – and God help them – Dewey gets a little freaked out during car rides.



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