3 06 2010

By the time I get around to writing these NaBloPoMo posts each night, my brain is fried. And all I can come up with are lists of what’s going on. So I apologize. But, whatever, back to the task at hand.


  • I got a recent lab back today. And I did NOT get an A on it. I got a B. Oh well. I’m not disappointed – I know a number of people who have gotten D’s on quizzes & the test. I’ll take a B here or there.
    • The professor gave us an update on our grade thus far on that lab. I have 219.2/230 points. That’s 95%. Sweet.
  • 15 days until the Little C and Me weekend kicks off. I might be a little excited. Which reminds me, I need to think of what other surprise fun things that Little C, Dewey and I can do. (I’m taking suggestions for what I can do with a one year old – who looks & acts like a 2 year old – and a dog in the comments, if you’re so inclined. Keep in mind we will be at the hotel all day. And TV is NOT an option.)  Right now, all I have is DANCE PARTY! Little C loves to dance. So we WILL be dancing (come on, I have to try to get that on video. You know this!)
  • I went to summer touch practice tonight. After not practicing or doing anything since April. I now feel old, sore, slow, old, hot, sweaty, and did I mention old? And I only stayed for one hour… Darn speedy & young college kids. Get off my lawn.
  • I had a turkey sammich for dinner. Minus the bread. I was too hot, sweaty, sore & tired when I got home to bother with bread. Instead I’m being super classy and eating right out of the deli bag from Giant Eagle.
  • I’d like to ask God or whatever power(s) that be to please stop with all of the deaths going on. Overall. Famous people – nationally & internationally – and important people in my friends’ lives. In the past month, I have had a number of online & IRL friends who have lost parents or family members or loved ones. Including one friend who lost his mother not even three months ago and lost his father just a few days ago.  What the heck? I know people die. I get it. But a lot of the loved ones my friends lost did not have an underlying medical condition! Here one day. Gone the next. Not cool. Especially since we’re only 6 months into the year and it seems like there has been so many deaths thus far.
    • And the number of celebrities? Actors, authors, politicians, sports figures, musicians? It’s just crazy. Since January: JD Salinger, Alexander Haig, Dick Francis, Nodar Kumaritashvili, Jack Murtha, Winston Churchill, Corey Haim, Merlin Olsen, Dixie Carter, Elizabeth Post, Lena Horne, Slim Bryant, Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, Rue McLanahan and John Wooden (just tonight!)… And that’s just a cursory overview. I’m sure I missed some.
    • Strange side note: I did notice a rather large number of international rugby players – young and old – on the list I reviewed. More league players than union players, but still, it was kind of shocking.
  • I’d like to remember what I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow night. I thought I had plans, but I can’t remember. If you happen to know what I’m supposed to be doing, please let me know, because I’m clueless.



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4 06 2010
Laura V

How about coloring? She might be a little young for it yet, but R is younger than she is and loves to smash crayons around on paper, so.

4 06 2010

does the hotel have a pool? kiddie pool time is amazing. long hallway races. peek-a-boo with the mirrored closet doors. tub time. people watching in the lobby.

4 06 2010

Finger paint!

4 06 2010

Alex: Are you insane? I can just see the hotel room and resultant cleaning bills due to finger paint! lol

Katy: I actually don’t even know where we’re staying yet. But Little C does like to swim, so I’ll have to ask Lili about taking her to the pool.

Laura: Hmmm… coloring could be fun. I’ll take it into consideration. 🙂

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