Still fried.

8 06 2010

My brain is still fried apparently.

I couldn’t remember any of the answers to the extra credit questions on our quiz today. Answers that were from the very same topics that the exam covered. Seriously. I drew a complete blank.


Our next quiz is postponed until Thursday. Which is great because I still don’t understand Protein Synthesis enough, and we didn’t even cover DNA Replication today. Tomorrow should be fun. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

To top it all off, I’m going to rugby practice tonight. Two reasons: one is that the Angry Scottish Man is in town and will be there (he’s flying out tomorrow, so it’s either go or miss seeing a friend I haven’t seen in many months) and the second reason is that I’m actually playing 7s next weekend and I haven’t played rugby since April. Chances of my being able to walk a week from now are pretty slim.




One response

8 06 2010

DNA replication isn’t too bad, depending on how in depth your professor goes. The easiest way to think of the basics is to think of a zipper. When DNA replicates it “unzips” into two strands. Then each strand is built upon to make two exact copies of the original. Each of the new copies has 1/2 of the original strand so it’s called semi-conservative replication. Man, I’m turning into a biology nerd.

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