Car Magic.

15 06 2010

I talked to the insurance company today. Apparently, my family and I were mistaken and I didn’t have a 60-month purchase plan (or whatever they’re called when you buy a car…) I apparently had a 72-month plan. Meaning I owed somewhere around $3,000 rather than $1,000 or so.  Yuck.

I end up with a payout of around $3,600. Is everyone nauseous along with me?

When I got the call from The GrandPa last night telling me he found out the Midgie was a total loss, he also told me his friend at Baierl was checking out used cars. I immediately assume I’m going to be driving a 1996 Buick or something, given the whole unemployment and $3,600 payout thing.

I’ve bought and/or leased my last 3-4 cars from the same man at Baierl, so I was interested to see what he came up with.

Imagine my surprise when The GrandPa called tonight at 5pm or so and said I had to go immediately to Baierl and clean out the Midgie. And then discuss a few cars…

I rescheduled picking up an important item from ClumberKim until tomorrow, and drove to Wexford…

I was given the key to the Midgie and told where to find her. When I did find her, I promptly started crying. I calmed down long enough to start removing my belongings, and contemplated taking more pictures, but I just couldn’t bear it. (She looked so broken. I miss her.)

Everything from the Midgie’s back seat & hatchback fit in my rental’s trunk. Wow. Maybe I miss having a trunk…

Anyway, I go back and I’m told we’re looking at three vehicles:

  • 2009 dark blue metallic Chevy Aveo sedan (i.e. NOT a hatchback)
  • 2008 blue granite metallic Chevy Cobalt LT
  • 2008 silver metallic Chevy Cobalt LS

The price difference between the three is around $1,000. And the mileage difference is somewhere around 5,000 – 8,000 miles.  The only really major difference is that the 2008 Cobalt LT has power locks, windows & mirrors.  None of the three had cruise control – the only thing I really missed from the Midgie.

Because I loved the Midgie, I really considered getting the financing numbers for the Aveo. But it is a 4-door sedan. And I had the 5-door hatchback. It be strange to me to drive the same vehicle in a different “shape,” if you will.

And then I remembered that I still can’t bring myself to drive on the Parkway yet. And that people braking in front of me still freaks me out. (All expected considering my accident hasn’t even been a week removed.)

Hmmm… Maybe not only a trunk would be good, but also a bigger car would be better for now…

So, I’ve asked them to work things out for the 2008 blue granite metallic Cobalt LT. I’m hoping “the numbers” work out to somewhere around my previous car payment. No, I’m praying – I don’t want to drive a 1996 Buick.

Please cross your fingers that my dealer and I manage to work this out so that this car – or some car – becomes mine sometime on Thursday so that I can drive to Virginia on Friday for Little C and Me weekend. And also because I can’t handle this stress.



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16 06 2010

i am sending positive thoughts into the ether!

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