Exam #2

16 06 2010

Tomorrow is my 2nd exam. On the cell, its parts, cell membrane transport methods and mitosis & meiosis.

My grade has fallen a bit, and I attribute that to two things: 1) the material is getting harder and the professor is moving through it at light speed; and 2) the first quiz on this was the day of my car accident. Although the professor let me take the quiz even though I was late, my brain just wasn’t there. Nor was it during that class. Or last weekend whenever I tried to study.

And this week, dealing with the insurance company and the dealership has taken away from some study time.

But going over things tonight, I feel better about what I missed on the quiz – I took notes on the items I missed during the review after the quiz.

I’m still studying though.

Tomorrow I have to pack and clean up my place before leaving on Friday for Little C and Me weekend. So! Much to do!




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