Very late night.

20 06 2010

Last night, after I posted and shut down my netbook, Little C woke up. She had been asleep for around 4 hours.

I found her standing in her pack n’ play and when she saw me she started crying and reached out for me. I picked her up and she immediately snuggled to my chest and looked like she wanted to sleep – her eyes kept closing, but then she’d reopen them… I walked around the room with her, changed her diaper and sang to her and eventually put her back into the pack n’ play. She tumbled around a bit but then fell asleep.

I went to bed – just a few feet from her – and tried to sleep. She lasted about 30 minutes before waking up again.  Again reaching out for me. This time she felt a little warm to me, but I had no idea where Lili had the thermometer. I took her over to the bed and made a little cove she could lay in next to me. She alternated between snuggling me, laughing and cuddling Dewey, and laying next to me and flip flopping trying to get comfortable to sleep.

When Lili and NE got home, they agreed she was hot. She was so happy to see her mommy! They took her temperature and it was 101.5 at one point. They took her out of her footie PJ’s, gave her some ice water and she lay with Lili for a little bit before going to bed again, although very late.

This morning she woke up and was her regular self for a while – giving kisses and snuggles to us, and she gave NE the father’s day card I got for him. But overall she wasn’t herself.

She was still warm. And Lili and NE ended up taking her to an urgent care place when they got to their next destination. Turns out, one of the little kids they visited on their trip came down with something just after Lili & Little C & NE left. But the docs don’t think that’s what is wrong with Little C.  I guess they have to watch her and if she gets a bad fever, take her to the emergency room.

I feel so bad for Little C, Lili and NE. I hated seeing Little C not feeling well, even if she snuggled with me last night & this morning when mommy wasn’t available. I hope she feels better soon.

We had such a fun weekend together. She is such a bundle of energy. And so much fun.

I didn’t get to get a picture with Little C before I left. I was crying, and she just wasn’t into it, so it’s probably better that we didn’t get a picture together looking miserable. But I have a bunch of videos I took of her over the weekend. That will do for now.

I’m so glad Lili and NE let me come down and spend time with Little C. I miss her so much already.



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