Four leaf clovers.

28 07 2010

You’ve never seen one?

I think I know why…. Not only are they apparently hard to come by, but I’m pretty sure The GrandPa’s mother collected every single one, and hid them into a prayer book I was given after MY GrandPa passed away.

I remember when I opened said prayer book and marveled at the four leaf clovers. So many of them. And family pics stuck in the book.

There are seriously SO. MANY. FOUR LEAF CLOVERS. I can’t imagine using the prayer book.

Hi, between rock and a hard place….

But I loved that book so much, that I made a super awesome thing to carry it in – this is pre-sewing machine, peeps.

That? Is a pocket from my favorite jeans from when MY GrandPa passed away. With a little red & white flower ribbon. I did a good job, sans sewing machine.

And in case you thought I was joking, more 4-leafers.

Would you like more? Cause I seem to have MORE. How is this possible??

And I kid you NOT. There are more. Single ones, between pages. And other multi ones on pages….

How did this woman do it!!????

But, because of the knowledge, insight and brilliance of MY GrandPa, I’m going to take this prayer book to church on Sunday. Along with the rosary I was given. If I feel like it, I’ll wear that ring I put away recently just to help out… My great Aunt’s wedding band. (yeah, I’m not wearing it anymore, btw)

However, I took it off *just* before the NE diagnosis. So maybe I’ll wear it again. (I’m apparently familial superstitious.) Em, Very. Yes. Also, YES.

I’m calling in the BIG GUNS. Yeppers. And going back to my roots. I’m calling on MY GrandPa, MY Nana, MY Granda, and MY Nanny to help out with the awesome Pittsburgh good vibes going to Florida, while I pray at church on Sunday…. And I’ll keep going. Every week. And I’m not planning to quit….

Because I realized, even after mentioning last night. The GrandPa was more than likely right that something was missing from my life…

And The GrandPa said it will make things right. And I’ll admit now, The GrandPa, Imma do this. And I know you’re right.

I obviously should have listened to MY GrandPa, years ago…. But I didn’t.

I’ll make it right. You all know it.


27 07 2010

So I told Lili about all of the amazing, incredible responses I received from the Think Happy Thoughts post.

She said the replies were great and thanked me. And in turn, I thank all of you.

I can’t express my appreciation for the comments, the re-tweets and the love I’ve received for this difficulty approaching my family. Yes, it’s a difficulty. Not a disease. At least how we’re viewing it. Just a speed bump, right?

I must, specifically, thank my friends @JanePitt and @JMWander for re-tweeting my tweet about the post…  When Ms. Jane Pitt asked me to *remind* her to RT the link, I nearly died. And then a few hours later when JMWander did it, out of kindness, with no asking involved on my part, I’m pretty sure I fainted. Thank you, both, so much.

I also received a comment from the Cancer Caring Center of Pittsburgh telling me to come to them if I needed anything.

That? Rocks.

So when I replied to Lili tonight, here’s what I said, “The kindness and caring of the people I know is TRULY amazing. 🙂 It’s really touching. And inspiring. Love it!”

That, people, right there is Truth. I’m floored.

But then, it gets better.

Please excuse this, if you don’t agree with it, you know I’m not overly religious or political, but it has to be said…

I’m going to church on Sunday. Not Jane Pitt’s church. I’m already a member. But I’m going to a real Catholic church. I’d call it a date, with a certain new friend, but it’s not. It’s more like I’m going back, with a FRIEND, to do something I NEED to do… For my Little C, and for NE. And for me….

I’m going to pray my face off on Sunday. Or at least try to… My friend may be freaked out by my face falling off, you know.

It’s been a long time coming. And I’m happy that this friend agreed to accompany me to church. I need it.

A very, very, very long time ago. The GrandPa said, nearly in passing, that if you go to church, all of your problems will be solved. I didn’t believe him. For the longest time.

But I’m still Catholic. And I still pray in my own way, but for the first time in my life, I feel like I NEED church and that maybe The GrandPa could have been straight up right on that one…

And besides, I’m Little C’s godmother. It’s about time I get back at it.

I am so appreciative to my friends – known and unknown – who sent positive messages about NE, and so is my family. And I’m also appreciating this friend’s willingness to carry me back to church.

I have a feeling it’s going to help us both. For each of us, individually, but also for NE and for my future with Little C.

And that? Makes me appreciate everything I’ve done in the past year or so even better.

Good choices. FTW.

Also, *smooches* to all of you who helped me and sent me good wishes for NE. Love you!


25 07 2010

So, I didn’t include this in yesterday’s post about NE, because that was all about sending him good vibes.

And oh my goodness, did the ‘Burgh come through for me. I just emailed Lili and told her that basically all of Pittsburgh, or at least all of Pittsburgh that I know personally, is sending good thoughts, prayers and well wishes to him.

I’m seriously floored with the responses, you guys. Thank you soooooo much. Pretty sure I can speak for NE and Lili on this and say that they appreciate it.

Anyway, the “Irony?”

You see, when Lili and I were younger (um, me, middle school aged?) our father, The Grand Pa, developed a hyperactive thyroid.

His thyroid was removed by radiation and ever since he’s taken medication to supplement the hormones the thyroid secretes.

And, I kid you not, ever since then, every time Lili or I have a bizarre illness, The Nana demands the doctor checks for thyroid levels. Seriously, even in adulthood. We don’t mind. Until now, we’d probably never think of to ask for it.

(Now, in my case, The Nana is totally on point, since one symptom of hyperthyroidism is heat intolerance, which I clearly have an issue with…)

But each time we’re checked, no thyroid problems appear.

So even through my tears when Lili told me of NE’s illness, we still managed to chuckle at the irony of HIM having this diagnosis and not one of us.

So yeah, ironic. But we’ll still keep getting checked – me, at least. Absolutely, given my heat issues…

Think happy thoughts.

24 07 2010

Before you read this, just think good BIG, POSITIVE HAPPY THOUGHTS. Thank you.

Ok? Good.

Here we go…

So, just over a week ago, on July 15th, I’m at rugby practice. And I check my phone (since I only stay for an hour) and I see that Lili has called. Huh?

She knows I have rugby, and she wouldn’t call then. So I kinda worry. But I know she’s chasing Little C around and sometimes forgets what time and day it is. So I stop worrying.

I get home, call The Nana about some stuff and suddenly she says, “Did you talk to Lili today?” (insert panic button here, right?)

And I say, “No, I saw she called, but I figured I’d call her tomorrow since they’re probably in bed now.” It’s after 9pm. They’re early risers.

The Nana says, “Uh, go call her, they’re up. And then you can call me back.”


So I call. And peeps, this is when “bad things happen to good people” came alive and bit my head off. It bit my head off, kid you not. Well maybe, cause I cried. (surprise!)

My brother-in-law, NE, you remember NE, right? The super awesome brother-in-law who is the father to my favorite thing on the planet??? Whose birthday was yesterday? (Happy birthday NE. Big hugs sent from Pgh. Hope you get ’em! Oh, and the extra kisses and a dance I ordered through Lili from Little C…)

He has cancer. Thyroid cancer. Can I get a big what the effie (borrowed from Jane Pitt), here, please?

Why? And how!!!??? Why do such craptastic, shitty (sorry) things happen to such amazing people? It’s not fair, yo. NOT. FAIR. He loves my sister, and My Little C. And his parents. And MY parents… Heck, I’m pretty sure he even loves me. I know. Shocking. He’s pretty super cool.

I believe he has papillary thyroid cancer. I may have been a blubbering, crying mess while Lili explained it all. But I’m pretty sure it’s right. (I know, we’re all surprised I cried. WOWZA on that one.)

Again. What. The. Effie????

Apparently this cancer has a 90% survival rate (whew) and after their oncologist visit the day after that phone call, prognosis is good.

His tumors are 1” in total (guess there are 2, or 3 of them?) And they’ll remove his thyroid in surgery on August 2nd.

The coolest thing, is that NE and Lili? They are facing this head on, super amazingly positive and they ARE going to beat this thing. To the ground. And I agree.

And then me and Little C, we’re gonna give it an extra kick off the curb and say “kapow!” and “boom!” and this old lady is gonna say “get the heck off my yard!”

That’s what I’m talking about. Beating something down…. Like this cancer thing. Beat. It. Down.

So, all my friends, I want you to think good thoughts and send prayers to whatever god you believe in, and direct them all to NE, Lili and Little C for the next big, long, while.

Don’t cry, or be sad…. Pretty sure Lili and NE know I got that under control. What I do want is big, super amazing positive and wonderfully good thoughts sent towards them. And I know my ruggers and Tweeps can do it.

Bring on the positiveness to Florida, yo. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Also, I’m sorry, Lili, NE and Little C. I had no patience to search country. So you get this. (I betcha Little C will dance her pants off to this!!!!!)

And, NE, I promise you that not only will I be pulling for you from here in the ‘Burgh, but now you probably have most of the ‘Burgh doing the same.

I love you NE, Lili and Little C.  (and don’t worry, I’m crying.) My family ROCKS. (if you didn’t know)

Why, hello there…

24 07 2010

Secret Agent L.

Tonight was the reveal party. And besides being hot. No, sorry. HOT!!!!!!!!!!! In the Firehouse Lounge, it was a blast. I got to see some old friends, and meet some new ones (always super duper awesome!)

Have I mentioned lately how awesome the friends I have from Twitter are? No, cause they’re great. Like amazingly great. Seeing them always makes me OMG so happy. So, guys, don’t go anywhere, okay. Thanks.

Anyway, the reveal. It was so nicely done. And Secret Agent L is awesome. No, really. She’s a sweetheart. I don’t think I’ve EVER received a more enthusiastic hug. And yes, I hugged back. (ok, I’m sometimes anti-hug)

I’m really happy I went. Granted, for the first hour I thought I was going to faint at any moment, and one friend sadly thought I had perhaps done so when I didn’t return to my seat for a while. (Sorry about that!)

There were auction items that were awesome, and some of my friends won some great stuff. Thanks to ClumberKim for sharing her basket-of-awesome from Dunkin Donuts with myself & MrsCrappy – free iced coffee and a free medium hot coffee with a donut, muffin or bagel!!!!!!!!! She also won a print from @robjdlc – I didn’t see it, but I know his work, and I’m sure it’s gorgeous. And Aerdin got a ton of stuff… Including what ClumberKim donated (aka a purse of awesome kindness,) including the Civilettes from my post the other day. (Told you I had amazing friends.)

(this is a really bad post. I’m sorry. Brain is working already on another one. oopsie.)

Health Issues.

22 07 2010

I truly do not have many health issues. Just two. One that is recurring all year long and one that sneaks up on me in the summer, especially this summer.

First of all, I have heartburn. And a very cranky stomach. Sometimes there’s no way to tell it’s coming. I go to bed, and 5 minutes later my chest is on fire. Often leading to me getting sick. Yes, physically sick. Other times, I know what to avoid- basically half of the foods I like.

I was on medication for heartburn for a quite a while. But I refused to do that for the rest of my life. So I watch what I eat. Or at least I try to.

But right now I’m down & out because I couldn’t stay away from lemonade. I had the perfect plan. Huge glass, FILLED with ice, then filled 2/3 of the way with spring water. And then topped with lemonade. And my stupid stomach said, “No way, Jose. We’re battling you on this one!” And I’m losing the battle.

The second issue doesn’t have a diagnosis. It’s just that if I somehow get too hot, I’ll faint. Sometimes it happens in the sun, other times it happens (no idea how) even if I’m in air conditioning. Unless I cool myself down (ice on the back of the neck &/or inside of the wrists), I will start losing my hearing, then my sight, and if I haven’t done anything about it by then? I fall over. Down. And. Out.

I’ve gone to the doctor for this many times. Some summers are worse than others. I don’t know why this one is especially bad – I’ve been hydrating more this summer than I ever have in my entire life. Every doctor I’ve seen has told me that I seem to have a blood pressure that is on the low end of normal. So that when I get too hot, it drops below normal and thus the issues.

Personally, I don’t believe this and feel there MUST be a real medical explanation. But we haven’t found it yet.

So instead, I have to leave the post office while waiting in line, I nearly faint at my friend’s house, in A/C. Or I run for shade after rugby games & practices in the late spring, all summer and early fall for fear I’ll drop over on my teammates…

I’m so sick of both of these issues. Especially this summer. Barf.

How cool!!

21 07 2010

So this evening, I ventured to ClumberKim’s to help her using my rotary cutter for a crafty project she’s working on. My part of the project was successful – well, besides the part where I somehow got so warm that I nearly fainted in her kitchen (with the AC on, no less!) – and I know the rest of the project will awesome!

(This is me sending ClumberKim positive crafty vibes)

Before I left, she gave me one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


From Greer Chicago.

I chose the “Good Job” ones, pictured above, as ClumberKim gave me all four to choose from.

Seriously, what a ridiculously amazing idea!

And on the backs of the cards? They ask you to “Please reuse.”

I think these are perfect for a SecretAgentL mission… you know, once I get a jobby job.

Operation Do Goodery.

20 07 2010

Thanks to @BurghBaby and of course, @SecretAgentL, I’m calling on all hands and readers to help me do “goodery” for one of my teammates who is currently in Iraq…

I know we all like to help people… and this friend (don’t have a nickname for her yet) recently was married to her sweetheart – an awesome guy, seriously! helped us enormously with that Midwest Playoff thing we hosted last fall – so I’m calling on everyone to help me out…

From her, what they need, per her last email:

calling cards
room decor
hot cheese curls (kelsey)
nail polish (must be of good tastes)
cd mixes
toiletries of any sort
hair ties, bobby pins
chew (skoal apple, citrus or berry)
So, I would love if everyone who is coming to said birthday party could bring one item on the list, or more…
After the party, I’ll box it up and ship it to her.
Let’s make this not just a birthday party, but a do goodery thing… Trust me, it will make you happier for it…
You have until August 7th. Any and all contributions should be brought to me at my birthday party, or arrangements made so I can drive to pick ’em up beforehand.
Let’s do this!!

Do you know…

19 07 2010

… Secret Agent L??

No? Well, besides like 3 of my Tweeps, none of us know who she is.

But Agent L? She does some super awesome stuffs.

Like drop off Laundry Money.

And fun things with BoringPittsburghwith Troysus stuff.

She also has Affiliated Agents… (soon as I have a job, I might sign up…)

Affiliated Agent H.

Affiliated Agent K.

Affiliated Agent M.

This is really just a *tiny* sampling of what the Agents and SAL do…

But she’s been so secret, for so long, that she is finally revealing herself this weekend… at the #helloSAL event at Firehouse Lounge in the Strip.

You pay $10, get a free drink, and then you can bid on her super auction items. Items such as, oh, In dunno, two tickets to my brewfest???  (Who doesn’t want tix to Brewfest? Are you mad? It’s quickly becoming THE place to be – in my mind – and at the very least, for #YinzTeam.)

Anywho… if you want to do good this weekend, and perhaps bid on some other sweet auction items (there will be more tix donated to the regular players as in past years) you should stop by the Firehouse Lounge. And meet some great peeps. And do good, because doing good is fun. Pretty sure Secret Agent L would agree with me on that one…

Besides, I will probably be there (funds allowing, I’m poor n’at, you know.) And if I’m there, I might wear a fancy dress or something… Since I can’t afford a SAL shirt. Dang. Who knows…

Be there. And then come to my birthday gig. That is all.

Silly Bandz?

19 07 2010

A few weeks ago, I first heard about Silly Bandz. I had no real idea that what my small friends were wearing, were the same strange bags of “bracelets” I saw at stores.

Are you still confused? See here or here.

These things are crazy people! They look like a crooked random bunch of bracelets on your wrist. But when you take them off? They make shapes!

My friend, @Beth910, was nice enough to give me three of them on Saturday. So now? I have these:

But they look like this when you wear them…

I’m so cool… Or at least cool enough that @Burghseyewife and @Shellrenee’s boys asked me about them today at the pool.

Yeah, I rock. Or at least in my own mind. Not a surprise.

But they are fun. And very interesting.