13 07 2010

Hi there. I am alive. I can’t even remember the last time I posted on here. Geez.

My absence has been because I blew through my 5GB of wireless for the current month in approximately 3 days or something and haven’t had regular internet access at my apartment.

So what’s new:

  • I’m currently scoping out new wireless internet service for my netbook. One without a 5GB limit. So far the winner is Cricket, with unlimited data and it’s $20 cheaper than AT&T.
  • I am still looking for a job.
  • I played 7s last weekend and had a great time doing so. And I apparently played pretty darn well also.
  • I had a wonderful drive home from Cleveland with Calipanthergrl & Pseudo-Twin.
  • I got a B in my biology class.
  • I found out today that I didn’t get into the radiology program for this coming fall. I’m accepted for Fall 2011. So that’s good. But it sucks.
  • I have to attend a meeting for the Fall 2011 program in September. I have to bring copies of my college transcripts to the meeting. I’ve already given CCAC two copies of said transcripts!
  • I also already sat through an advising session where they gave me credit for some of my prior classes…. Yet it looks like that is exactly what we’ll be doing at this meeting.
  • I attended the annual Fourth of July party at the BEV Lounge again this year. The fireworks, as usual, were amazing…  However, the most awesome part was this:




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