Stuff. And Bucco Tweetup.

18 07 2010

Yesterday was the Bucco Tweetup. Once again, a super fun time. Thank goodness for my friends – Hamstring & Law School – for lending me their cornhole game thingy. @Dahcheet and I are the king & queen of cornhole now… Who knew? (Not me, to be honest!)

Also, kudos to Uncle Crappy for not only grilling up some super tasty food, but for MELTING THE ASPHALT while he was at it. NO. I’m not kidding. He melted the asphalt… See?

I left the Tweetup early. To go to My Living Room. Because one of my teammates, now to be known as “What What” is moving to POLAND in a few days.



What????? Why? Well she has a jobby job teaching ESL. That’s why.

Doesn’t make it any less sad or painful.

I know this teammate, not as well as others, and I promised myself when I said goodbye to WhatWhat, I would NOT cry. Big surprise. I cried.

I don’t think there’s much I can do without crying, in case you weren’t aware.

I just can’t imagine a practice or outing without her. True story. She will be sooo missed by the Angels. Soooo missed.

But WhatWhat? When you come home? Or visit? You know you’ll get all of us out. Cause we can’t live without ya!

In new news, Birthday Girl and I are hosting a birthday party for ourselves on August 7th at My Living Room. We are both turning 29 again! Yes, again!! Isn’t that fun! And the amazing JB will be dejaying for us (if you were at the Asshat Tweetup, you know JB’s skillz.)

I find it hilarious that some of the relatively new ruggers I told about the party last night didn’t believe I was even 29. Yet again turning that age again.

What is also amazing about my turning 29 AGAIN on the 7th is that Lili turns 30 on the 9th. I don’t think Lili got this “stop aging at 29” gene, since she’s turning 30, which will mean she’s now my BIG SISTER. I’m sure Lili is overjoyed at this prospect.




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