Do you know…

19 07 2010

… Secret Agent L??

No? Well, besides like 3 of my Tweeps, none of us know who she is.

But Agent L? She does some super awesome stuffs.

Like drop off Laundry Money.

And fun things with BoringPittsburghwith Troysus stuff.

She also has Affiliated Agents… (soon as I have a job, I might sign up…)

Affiliated Agent H.

Affiliated Agent K.

Affiliated Agent M.

This is really just a *tiny* sampling of what the Agents and SAL do…

But she’s been so secret, for so long, that she is finally revealing herself this weekend… at the #helloSAL event at Firehouse Lounge in the Strip.

You pay $10, get a free drink, and then you can bid on her super auction items. Items such as, oh, In dunno, two tickets to my brewfest???  (Who doesn’t want tix to Brewfest? Are you mad? It’s quickly becoming THE place to be – in my mind – and at the very least, for #YinzTeam.)

Anywho… if you want to do good this weekend, and perhaps bid on some other sweet auction items (there will be more tix donated to the regular players as in past years) you should stop by the Firehouse Lounge. And meet some great peeps. And do good, because doing good is fun. Pretty sure Secret Agent L would agree with me on that one…

Besides, I will probably be there (funds allowing, I’m poor n’at, you know.) And if I’m there, I might wear a fancy dress or something… Since I can’t afford a SAL shirt. Dang. Who knows…

Be there. And then come to my birthday gig. That is all.




5 responses

19 07 2010
vivian lee croft

this is so great! how is it that this reveal party coincides with such awesome stuff, like your birthday and my anniversary with @TheUrbanHick?!?

I have a feeling you’ll be able to get in without worry of the door cost.

can’t wait to see you saturday night!


20 07 2010

I came across her blog a month ago. Cool stuff. I too have thought about becoming an affilitated agent…

20 07 2010
Boring Pittsburgh

Thanks for the mention. We love Secret Agent L 🙂

20 07 2010

you’ll have to tell me who she is later, because i can’t make it to the event but am dying to know. i mean, she gives smoothies to construction workers!

20 07 2010

@UltimaSandraDee – when is your anniversary? I hope you can make it to the birthday party! There’s a 3rd guy celebrating now – another rugger. I think he’s turning 18 again or something, lol. He is much younger than us!

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