Silly Bandz?

19 07 2010

A few weeks ago, I first heard about Silly Bandz. I had no real idea that what my small friends were wearing, were the same strange bags of “bracelets” I saw at stores.

Are you still confused? See here or here.

These things are crazy people! They look like a crooked random bunch of bracelets on your wrist. But when you take them off? They make shapes!

My friend, @Beth910, was nice enough to give me three of them on Saturday. So now? I have these:

But they look like this when you wear them…

I’m so cool… Or at least cool enough that @Burghseyewife and @Shellrenee’s boys asked me about them today at the pool.

Yeah, I rock. Or at least in my own mind. Not a surprise.

But they are fun. And very interesting.




2 responses

19 07 2010

Oh yeah. My kids have some mainly baseball shapes.

19 07 2010

They’re fun, you know, when you’re 29. And a rock star. (gotta love the lies I tell myself…)

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