Operation Do Goodery.

20 07 2010

Thanks to @BurghBaby and of course, @SecretAgentL, I’m calling on all hands and readers to help me do “goodery” for one of my teammates who is currently in Iraq…

I know we all like to help people… and this friend (don’t have a nickname for her yet) recently was married to her sweetheart – an awesome guy, seriously! helped us enormously with that Midwest Playoff thing we hosted last fall – so I’m calling on everyone to help me out…

From her, what they need, per her last email:

calling cards
room decor
hot cheese curls (kelsey)
nail polish (must be of good tastes)
cd mixes
toiletries of any sort
hair ties, bobby pins
chew (skoal apple, citrus or berry)
So, I would love if everyone who is coming to said birthday party could bring one item on the list, or more…
After the party, I’ll box it up and ship it to her.
Let’s make this not just a birthday party, but a do goodery thing… Trust me, it will make you happier for it…
You have until August 7th. Any and all contributions should be brought to me at my birthday party, or arrangements made so I can drive to pick ’em up beforehand.
Let’s do this!!



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