Think happy thoughts.

24 07 2010

Before you read this, just think good BIG, POSITIVE HAPPY THOUGHTS. Thank you.

Ok? Good.

Here we go…

So, just over a week ago, on July 15th, I’m at rugby practice. And I check my phone (since I only stay for an hour) and I see that Lili has called. Huh?

She knows I have rugby, and she wouldn’t call then. So I kinda worry. But I know she’s chasing Little C around and sometimes forgets what time and day it is. So I stop worrying.

I get home, call The Nana about some stuff and suddenly she says, “Did you talk to Lili today?” (insert panic button here, right?)

And I say, “No, I saw she called, but I figured I’d call her tomorrow since they’re probably in bed now.” It’s after 9pm. They’re early risers.

The Nana says, “Uh, go call her, they’re up. And then you can call me back.”


So I call. And peeps, this is when “bad things happen to good people” came alive and bit my head off. It bit my head off, kid you not. Well maybe, cause I cried. (surprise!)

My brother-in-law, NE, you remember NE, right? The super awesome brother-in-law who is the father to my favorite thing on the planet??? Whose birthday was yesterday? (Happy birthday NE. Big hugs sent from Pgh. Hope you get ’em! Oh, and the extra kisses and a dance I ordered through Lili from Little C…)

He has cancer. Thyroid cancer. Can I get a big what the effie (borrowed from Jane Pitt), here, please?

Why? And how!!!??? Why do such craptastic, shitty (sorry) things happen to such amazing people? It’s not fair, yo. NOT. FAIR. He loves my sister, and My Little C. And his parents. And MY parents… Heck, I’m pretty sure he even loves me. I know. Shocking. He’s pretty super cool.

I believe he has papillary thyroid cancer. I may have been a blubbering, crying mess while Lili explained it all. But I’m pretty sure it’s right. (I know, we’re all surprised I cried. WOWZA on that one.)

Again. What. The. Effie????

Apparently this cancer has a 90% survival rate (whew) and after their oncologist visit the day after that phone call, prognosis is good.

His tumors are 1” in total (guess there are 2, or 3 of them?) And they’ll remove his thyroid in surgery on August 2nd.

The coolest thing, is that NE and Lili? They are facing this head on, super amazingly positive and they ARE going to beat this thing. To the ground. And I agree.

And then me and Little C, we’re gonna give it an extra kick off the curb and say “kapow!” and “boom!” and this old lady is gonna say “get the heck off my yard!”

That’s what I’m talking about. Beating something down…. Like this cancer thing. Beat. It. Down.

So, all my friends, I want you to think good thoughts and send prayers to whatever god you believe in, and direct them all to NE, Lili and Little C for the next big, long, while.

Don’t cry, or be sad…. Pretty sure Lili and NE know I got that under control. What I do want is big, super amazing positive and wonderfully good thoughts sent towards them. And I know my ruggers and Tweeps can do it.

Bring on the positiveness to Florida, yo. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Also, I’m sorry, Lili, NE and Little C. I had no patience to search country. So you get this. (I betcha Little C will dance her pants off to this!!!!!)

And, NE, I promise you that not only will I be pulling for you from here in the ‘Burgh, but now you probably have most of the ‘Burgh doing the same.

I love you NE, Lili and Little C.  (and don’t worry, I’m crying.) My family ROCKS. (if you didn’t know)



8 responses

25 07 2010
Burgh Baby

Cancer is about to get its ass kicked. For sure.

25 07 2010

BurghBaby, I love you. Have I told you that lately??? You’re amazing. We’re gonna beat this. Cause Little C may look like an identical copy of Lili and I… but she’s gonna be a daddy’s girl… (and I still promise to never introduce her to rugby….) maybe… Thanks, lady.

25 07 2010
Teresa (TTG)

Positive thoughts and prayers are being sent out to kick some cancer ass!

25 07 2010
The little Lion's mom

Thyroid and cancer are 2 words I hate. And together I really hate them. My dad was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was in 8th grade. He is now 16 years cancer free. There is no such thing as good cancer, but if you have to get it, that’s the easiest one to treat. Cancer is an evil, heartless bitch. Sending 1,001 hugs your way. Kick it’s ass.

25 07 2010

Thanks for all the well wishes & thoughts. I just emailed Lili to tell her that basically all of the ‘Burgh is sending NE good vibes. That was an awesome thing to be able to do… and I didn’t even cry!

25 07 2010

Wait till you see the next post. The ironic part of that story.

26 07 2010

I’m late coming into this…I saw JanePitt’s tweet and had been sending positive thoughts for you. But wow…HUGS.

26 07 2010

Will keep your family in my prayers. Little girls need their daddies!

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