Why, hello there…

24 07 2010

Secret Agent L.

Tonight was the reveal party. And besides being hot. No, sorry. HOT!!!!!!!!!!! In the Firehouse Lounge, it was a blast. I got to see some old friends, and meet some new ones (always super duper awesome!)

Have I mentioned lately how awesome the friends I have from Twitter are? No, cause they’re great. Like amazingly great. Seeing them always makes me OMG so happy. So, guys, don’t go anywhere, okay. Thanks.

Anyway, the reveal. It was so nicely done. And Secret Agent L is awesome. No, really. She’s a sweetheart. I don’t think I’ve EVER received a more enthusiastic hug. And yes, I hugged back. (ok, I’m sometimes anti-hug)

I’m really happy I went. Granted, for the first hour I thought I was going to faint at any moment, and one friend sadly thought I had perhaps done so when I didn’t return to my seat for a while. (Sorry about that!)

There were auction items that were awesome, and some of my friends won some great stuff. Thanks to ClumberKim for sharing her basket-of-awesome from Dunkin Donuts with myself & MrsCrappy – free iced coffee and a free medium hot coffee with a donut, muffin or bagel!!!!!!!!! She also won a print from @robjdlc – I didn’t see it, but I know his work, and I’m sure it’s gorgeous. And Aerdin got a ton of stuff… Including what ClumberKim donated (aka a purse of awesome kindness,) including the Civilettes from my post the other day. (Told you I had amazing friends.)

(this is a really bad post. I’m sorry. Brain is working already on another one. oopsie.)




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25 07 2010

And I totally left without giving you some Civilettes! I pulled some out for you, so next time they’re all yours!

25 07 2010

Whoops! I think the heat melted our brains and we both forgot. I’m so happy you won ClumberKim’s donation. That purse is something I can TOTALLY see you carrying. (as opposed to me, that is)

25 07 2010

I dunno…you’re the one with the awesome orange pants 😉

25 07 2010

Yes, but I’d never know what to do with a purse like that. And those pants? Columbia brand, expected them to be significantly more breezy and comfy than they were. But I pulled off orange pants, which for me is craaaaazy. 🙂

OMG. By the way, tell A I said HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Totally forgot to tweet that earlier.

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