25 07 2010

So, I didn’t include this in yesterday’s post about NE, because that was all about sending him good vibes.

And oh my goodness, did the ‘Burgh come through for me. I just emailed Lili and told her that basically all of Pittsburgh, or at least all of Pittsburgh that I know personally, is sending good thoughts, prayers and well wishes to him.

I’m seriously floored with the responses, you guys. Thank you soooooo much. Pretty sure I can speak for NE and Lili on this and say that they appreciate it.

Anyway, the “Irony?”

You see, when Lili and I were younger (um, me, middle school aged?) our father, The Grand Pa, developed a hyperactive thyroid.

His thyroid was removed by radiation and ever since he’s taken medication to supplement the hormones the thyroid secretes.

And, I kid you not, ever since then, every time Lili or I have a bizarre illness, The Nana demands the doctor checks for thyroid levels. Seriously, even in adulthood. We don’t mind. Until now, we’d probably never think of to ask for it.

(Now, in my case, The Nana is totally on point, since one symptom of hyperthyroidism is heat intolerance, which I clearly have an issue with…)

But each time we’re checked, no thyroid problems appear.

So even through my tears when Lili told me of NE’s illness, we still managed to chuckle at the irony of HIM having this diagnosis and not one of us.

So yeah, ironic. But we’ll still keep getting checked – me, at least. Absolutely, given my heat issues…



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