Update: Operation Do-Goodery

2 08 2010

Okay, so I received an email from the friend in Iraq that I want to help. There is a few tiny changes to what they need. Please see below.

They no longer need towels.

They DO need snack food, and since Steeler/Pens season is coming up, they’d LOVE some Steeler/Pens decorations, goodies, stuff to decorate or pose with to send pictures back to us. (I’ll have to check to see if any of said pics can be posted here. I’m not sure & didn’t think to ask.)

Also, if you’re a rugger, and you have pictures of RRR and the girls, she’d love photos, or recent photos of the girls out & about. Access to email and especially Facebook is slim.

calling cards
room decor
hot cheese curls (kelsey)
nail polish (must be of good tastes)
cd mixes
toiletries of any sort
hair ties,
bobby pins
chew (skoal apple, citrus or berry)

RRR already knows something is headed to her. They are moving on the 15th of August, so it’s unfortunately going to take me longer than I hoped to get this to her. But I’m doing it anyway.

Really, it’s not hard to grab one of any of the things on this list. So please, help me out. Like I said, she and her husband have taken a lot of time out of their lives to help us with our playoffs, with Brewfest and with lining fields all season…

I’ll also take cash to use towards mailing it (who knows how much it costs to mail a big box over there) and to buy whatever isn’t donated.

I’m also working on getting a DVD of the Freak Show videos to send to her. I think she’d LOVE them.




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