Pre-Birthday Event.

5 08 2010

So today I went to the North Park Pool. I was not alone (for the first time! Yay!)

I went with @burghseyewife, @shellrenee and their boys, along with @aphotobug‘s son and @rantpittsburgh and her daughter.

Do you know how cool the water slide is there? No? You better rush there, right now. It’s so awesome (and I wasn’t a water slide person until today.)

But really, the second I got out of my car, @Burghseyewife’s son ran to me and hugged me. He was so excited.

They all were. The pool is huge. And the slide is great. Great, I tell you!

When we got there, it was still overcast and threatening rain. We were the ONLY people in the pool for approximately two hours. Seriously. 6 of us. ONLY. PEOPLE. AT. THE. POOL. It was still warm. Just cloudy!

Two hours later? SUN!!!!! Woo hoo!

@shellrenee’s son, Ry, even said, “This is like heaven!” Really! (It was pretty close, though!)

I’ve never heard my name called so many times in 3 hours than I did today. @shellrenee & @burghseywife’s two boys were all about “hey, watch this” or “hey, I’m going to wave to you when you go down the slide!”  or “are you going to go down again? We’ll go with you!” and “wave to me when you go down the slide!”

And then @aphotobug’s son, who wasn’t a fan of the slide, but he loved to get about chest-deep and walk/wade across the pool (it’s HUGE) and @shellrenee and I would try to race him. He won. Always.

But he was near the end of the slide being the BIGGEST slide rider supporter ever. He watched us all on as we went down. And he had fun. Super awesome.

I also made another under-5 friend with @rantpittsburgh’s little girl. That girl? I somehow got her to go from the kiddie pool to the big pool. I have no idea what I said to make that happen. But she loved jumping into the 2′ 6″ water and having me catch her.

And, the kicker? She trusted me to catch her at the end of the slide… (while her mom kinda convinced her to go down the slide.. and by convinced, well, I won’t go there….) That little chicka went up and down the stairs to slide approximately ellebentybillion times before we got her to go down. She went down twice? Maybe three times? Before she announced to me, “I’m done with the slide.”

Okie doke, then. We’re done. Well, she was. @shellrenee, @burghseyewife and I might have gone down the slide approximately 100 times after that.

Did I mention yet that we had funnel cakes? No? We had funnel cake. Nom.

I was super sad when I woke up early this morning to sew and saw “storms” on the news. I showered, headed to the BEV house, and hoped I could convince everyone to go to the pool. I was totally looking forward to today ALL WEEK!

And then the sun came out a bit, and we headed out. I nearly died in my car when we drove north and the skies were gray…. But we had the best time ever.

Really, the best early birthday presents? Here you go, I’d do this 6-1 but WordPress says 1-6 (boo):

  1. Hearing my name called a zillion times. (I think I might have a fan club!)
  2. Getting @rantpittsburgh’s daughter to somehow trust me to catch her out of the water at the end of the slide. Seriously.
  3. Getting @photobug’s kiddo into almost neck-deep water to watch the other boys on the water slide. Yays!!!!
  4. Hug from @burghseyewife’s son. Right out of the car.
  5. A day at the pool with friends.
  6. A day at the pool with a SLIDE with friends.

I would like to thank the friends I mentioned in this post for the best pre-birthday pool outing ever. If my party on Saturday goes south? I’ll just remember today. Thank you so much. And your kiddos.

I’m truly blessed to know such great people and wonderful kids. And I was pleased to spend my day with my friends, and extra blessed to spend hours with kids today.

The BEST pre-birthday thing ever.

Also, I got to play with a Zhu-Zhu pet… According to Ry, I should own one… Specifically, a rock star one… I couldn’t find a pic, so just go see the main site:

Yeppers. Little C will get one soon, and Lili and NE will commence their evil plan to kill me. Maybe.

In the end, super duper pre-Birthday day with (adult) peeps that can’t make Saturday’s party? WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN.WIN. WIN.

Can I say that again? Win.

Love kids, love my friends. I WIN.

Thanks to my friends for dealing w/ the overcast skies for a while. Glad it worked out for us. Best day every at a pool. Even with my pinkness. Whoops.




3 responses

5 08 2010

It was a great day….glad to be apart of your Pre-birthday party…we all had a blast! Def a great day!

5 08 2010

Thanks, Shell… Tell Ry I said Hi. And when you do something this weekend, tell him, “Hey. Claire said watch what I’m doing!!!” (He’ll also maybe hate me after the weekend! lol)

6 08 2010

Hey lady. I love this post. I’m so glad you had a great time – we had an absolute BLAST. So sorry we’re going to miss your birthday party tomorrow night. We’ll see you soon!

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