Two hours.

6 08 2010

So just two hours until my BIG birthday. Barf.

I’m not entirely excited about this, but I AM excited about seeing my friends tomorrow night. Very.

I spent this afternoon with my friend, Law School. We were going to go to the pool, but it started raining, so we hit up Starbucks and then saw Despicable Me.

In 3D, no less. It was cute. A nice way to spend the day with a good friend.  Also, I want a minion of my own. Someone make that happen, ok?

After movie time, I went over to Calipanthergrl’s house for a little while and gave me an early birthday present. A bottle of Early Times Mint Julep that she and Fashion Forward picked up for me on their last trip to Louisville. I told you CPG was pretty cool. 🙂

I also got a birthday card from my parents today. Yays. I’d have preferred a hug from The Nana in person, but I’ll settle for the card.

I’m going to go have a Mint Julep now and update the schedule on the rugby website… What? Isn’t that what everyone does the night before their birthday? No? Well, my life is just THAT exciting. Also, barf.




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