29 Again.

8 08 2010

Wow. Last night was awesome!! So many great friends came out. Including some people I didn’t think were going to show up, so that was an extra special surprise!

Thanks to Shadow & Gwenix for bringing me two (yes! two!) bottles of my Mokah, and to ThomBTH for the bag of goodies he brought for Birthday Girl and I.

Also, thanks to RebelliousFlaw for her delicious cupcakes and MeetJenn for the Car Bomb Cupcakes.

I thankfully managed to not drink very much – I think I was the most sober person walking out of there. Haha!!I also managed to avoid having to hear the Happy Birthday song. Whew.

I hope everyone had a great time. I think they did, considering that we turned the front half of the bar into a dance floor… Awesome!

And, even better, the Operation Do-Goodery collection was AMAZING. I can’t even tell you yet everything that we collected – I took most of the day off from stuff & being online and such. But that will be a fun post for later in the week.

Thanks, everyone, for making this birthday amazing! I have some of the best friends, ever.




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