Island? Not so much…

11 08 2010

Sometimes, the number of “Friends” I have on Facebook, or people who follow me or I follow on Twitter catches my eye. (I know some people hate those number things, but I notice it, offhand, sometimes.)

And I pause for a moment…

Do I REALLY know that many people? How in the world do I know that many people?

Do that many people really care what I have to say or how I feel? Really, some of them don’t. But a lot of them do….

Wow. Just WOW.

The number of people who said they’d pray for or send NE and Lili good thoughts for his surgery? Stunning.

The number of happy birthday wishes I received on Saturday? Unbelievable.

The ladies I know who trust me to look after their kids? (Including today, when @TwinMamaTeb let me take her baby lady in the big kids pool? One of the best times, EVER! Her kids? Rock. She’s lucky I didn’t try to take them home… Her boy did try to NOT. LET. GO. Also, heart melt.) And the other times people have done that? I’m honored by it. Really.

I know, I sound all mushy and feely and whatever.

I’ve always been the girl who takes care of herself. (thank you, rugby. I can tackle when I have to!) I’ll walk/drive anywhere on my own. I’m not afraid of much at all…

Singledom? Sucks.

And, not having a job is the worst thing ever.

Plus, my family isn’t here. And I miss them so much. No, SO ASKDFL(IEWOP;DCN MUCH. I sort of always felt like my own little island here in Pittsburgh. All by myself.

I was kinda okay with that. For years. Many, many years…

But when I see my friends, and after Saturday night and then remember all of those prayers and birthday wishes? My heart soars! And I realize how blessed I am to have another “family” here in Pittsburgh.

I am truly grateful for the people I know here in Pittsburgh. And as such, you should click on the link below, so that Cookie Monster can tell you what I want to tell you all.

Howdy doo!

Me love you.



2 responses

12 08 2010

Thank you for making the day so enjoyable for us too. Couldn’t have done it without you!

12 08 2010

@TwinMamaTeb you’re lucky I didn’t steal one or both of them!! They are OMG adorable. And such good little kiddos! K playing with me in the big pool made my heart a big ball of mush. Thank you, and I’ll gladly help you with those two ANY TIME!!

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