Birthday Card…

12 08 2010

Today I picked up the mail (strangely at 11:45am, rather than the usual 4-5pm, which makes me think my neighbor did what he sometimes does… pick up the mail – yesterday- and take it with him on his walk through the neighborhood… no really. I’ve seen him carrying our building’s mail around the ‘hood. uh…. and then he brings it back to the building and sorts it out for us. I live in a strange place, y’all…)


The card Lili said she sent to me arrived. She’s such a sweetie. The card from her and NE was so nice. And she sent me $. I’ll beat the crap outta her later for that, since we agreed two years ago at no giftys for birthdays since we’re two days apart – and used to send one another the same dang thing – Target gift cards…) Also, I love my sister, and we both love Target. Deal with it.

And I’m apparently not used to having Little C around, because I totally forgot that I’d be getting a card for my birthday from my niece. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME???

But, after I looked at Lili & NE’s card, and saw something else in the envelope, I pulled out this….

Be jealous. (Who am I kidding, I’m jealous of myself right now after getting this.)

XOXO, you guys!!!! I have a feeling Lili held Little C up to the cards and let her pick one. I bet it was the party hat that made her pick it. And the flowers. 🙂

But then I opened it up. And cried my face off in my car:

That is Little C saying Happy Birthday, Aunt Claire!!!

And all those colors mean, I love you and I miss you!!! Party on!!!!

And, you guys, she not only left her *mark* on the inside cover, the card sentiment, but also:

I'm taking this to mean, I love you so much, and get your butt down here so I can hug and kiss you... But I could be wrong... (I think I'm right...)

That’s the back of the card, kids. I checked the front again, to see if she left a “mark” there as well, but no. Lili must have only given her the other 3 sides of the card…

Good grief, I love that little squirt! I’m the luckiest Aunt on the planet – my baby lady has MAD CRAYOLA skillz, yo!!!!!

Oh, and today’s Sesame Street video? Big Bird, Snuffalupagus and Elmo. D: Dance. (I’d do walk to Florida right NOW to see Little C dance the moves they have…. OMG.)





2 responses

12 08 2010

So sweet! I have to go scan my drawings now lol. 3 portraits of Aunt Erin.
Just wait till Little C starts sending you pictures of Aunt Claire!!

13 08 2010

I CANNOT wait for that! Yay! Can’t wait to see Aunt Erin portraits!! I’m sure they are so cute!!!!

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