Wave Pool.

12 08 2010

Hard to believe, but I had never been to a wave pool before. Until today.

Settler’s Cabin Wave Pool – Oakdale

Cost: $5 for adults; $4 ages 13-17; $3 ages 6-12; $1 ages 0-5

Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30am – 7:30pm

I had no idea what to expect from a wave pool. Apparently I live under a rock or something.

The wave pool is, in one word, AWESOME.

We lucked out again and went on an overcast day so it wasn’t very busy. It did start pouring at one point, and we had to leave the pool and hang out by the locker areas. But eventually it cleared up and it was a beautiful day. The rain also made most of the people who were there leave, so when we were allowed back in the pool, it was even less crowded than before. (Seriously, there were maybe 25 people there.)

The wave pool looks just like a regular pool, but then this horn sounds and the waves start. OMG, it is FUN!

They also rent the inner tubes at the wave pool. $4. It is so wonderful to float on a tube while the waves are going. Ahhhh…

There is no baby pool, and I didn’t see very many small children. I would imagine that the waves would knock little ones over – they knocked me over in the shallow end two or three times.

There is also a separate diving pool with four springboards and a three or four level platform. (And no, I didn’t go on the platform. Just watching kids on the 10m level made me anxious.)

There is a concession stand, with similar things as there were at North Park (both are Allegheny County Parks Department pools.)

Overall Grade: A

Up next in the pool review sessions? SANDCASTLE!!! And no, I’ve never been there before.




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