17 08 2010

Remember at my birthday, where I mentioned I really wanted to hug The Nana for my birthday?

Well, it’s going to happen. In a week or so. (OMG. I have a LOT to do in the next week or so to get ready to go!!)

While I have appreciated the fun and support I’ve had this summer with my friends, I NEED my family. It’s been super wonderful to meet so many new friends, and see my old friends, and their kids and build my child army. I love me some kids…

But I’m a strange bird, and I need The Nana. I NEED my mommy. She’s such a great Mom. Everything I do, I think about her. Like when I nearly drowned rafting…. In my head, immediately, I thought, “How is someone going to call The Nana and tell her I died rafting!!!!” It hurts me so much that they are so far away.  Sometimes you just need to see your mom and your dad to make the world make sense…

I hope The Nana realizes I’m going to hug her so hard and cry and she may not be able to breathe. Not kidding. Bring Kleenex, The Nana… We’re gonna need them…  And it might take 5 minutes…. And then I’m going to hug The GrandPa in the same way. And then I’m going to smile. And then I hope I’m going to feel like my old self again and feel refreshed and ready to beat the crap out of the world. And kick the crap out of getting a job. Hopefully while I’m there. Phone interviews are cool, right? If not, I might have to cut the trip short, but that is probably okay as well. I just NEED, no NEED to see my family. So badly.

The plan is that I go to Florida, take my tiny laptop, job search, visit Lili, Little C and NE. And the dog-niece and cat-nephew. And just spend time with The Nana and The GrandPa. So wonderful. (see below)

It’s going to be the best end to the worst-best summer ever. And if I don’t get back and get a job? I’m going to be seriously angry with the world.

But I will feel so much better about myself, and my life, once I spend some time with my parents. I need them. I really do. Seeing Lili, Little C, NE and the dog-niece and cat-nephew are just a small bonus. Need parents.

Don’t forget your parents, friends. If you haven’t seen your parents lately, and they’re nearby, go and give them a big hug and kiss. Because I wish I could do it weekly. Or daily. But I can’t. So do it if you can….

Yays for Florida!!!!

Seeing my family? Will be like being home. Really HOME.

Pittsburgh is my home. But my real “home” is where ever my family is… True story.

I cannot wait to board that plane to Florida. Time with mom & dad is priceless. And me & Little C WILL have pool time… And if everything works out the way I’m praying, I’ll meet Little C’s friends. Here’s hoping, but I’m just happy to see my parents.


Prepare for the entry, The Nana & The GrandPa… I’ll be crying… (sorry.)




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