North Shore Water Steps

17 08 2010

North Shore Water Steps – North Side

Cost: Free!

Hours: No set hours, but I’d assume “daylight”

So on Sunday, I met Burghseyewife, Shellrenee and the boys at the North Shore Water Steps, part of the North Shore Riverfront Park. The plan was to meet there, go to the BEV Lounge and then, on Monday we were going to Sandcastle.

Of course, I’d never been to the North Shore Water Steps… Of course! Just walked by on the way to Pirate or Steelers games.

None of the adults got entirely into the water. But I’m apparently obsessed with getting my hair wet (it’s super refreshing, y’all) and stuck my head under one of the little rock waterfalls. Approximately 3,000 times. And the boys seemed to have a great time.

We then walked down towards the Carnegie Science Center, in hopes of seeing the submarine. We had a snack at the Riverview Cafe (which has no view of the river, FYI) and then walked onto the sub. And we were approximately 4 minutes before closing. Also, FYI – admission is $5 and you can just go to the sub and pay the $5.

So we walked back to the cars, and went back to the BEV Lounge to retire for the night.

North Shore Water Steps Overall Grade: B (it’s not bad, but it’s shallow, and it really is fun to walk around and dunk your head under the tiny waterfalls.)




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