17 08 2010

Sandcastle Water Park – Pittsburgh

Cost: $29.99 for Adults ($23.99 after 3pm) ; $19.99 riders under 48″ ($18.99 after 3pm) – you can also get discounted tickets ($23.99 adults) at Giant Eagle

Hours: Most weekdays, 11am-6pm. Weekends

Since I’ve never been to Sandcastle, and have lived here my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE, my friends Burghseyewife and Shellrenee treated me to a day at Sandcastle in return for watching the two boys one night while they get to go out. Uh…. Who wins here? Them, me or the boys? We’re still confused.

I stayed over at the BEV Lounge with everyone so that we could get up early and be there when the park opened.

I used some super duper ninja moves on the boys to make them quiet and watch one another’s movies, aka “if you don’t quiet down and watch ‘this’ movie, I won’t go to Sandcastle tomorrow.” That got them down & out pretty quick.

I’ve only been to the Sandbar at Sandcastle. At night. And it was strange. Like stranger-danger strange. I went once and never desired to (nor do I today) go back.

But we had a BLAST!! It really wasn’t crowded, surprisingly, and the wait time in line wasn’t terrible.

Unfortunately, I cannot link to each slide individually, so go here. And find what I’m talkin’ about.

We did not do the big body slides. No way you’re getting me up that high on stairs and balconies anymore. But we did go on the Boardwalk Blasters, which was fun.

We all loved, no, LOVED, the Blue Tubaluba.  It was crazy. It’s an enclosed slide for the most part. Dark. Sometimes very dark…. Then you pop out into light and get hit with a small waterfall…. Then go back to dark. And you’re slipping and sliding everywhere!!!

I went down once or twice alone, then once each with each of the boys. I got yelled at by the boys to not yell while I went into the dark. Sorry, boys.

I have no idea which one we went on first. It was either Thunder Run or Tubers Tower.  I just know I felt like the tube I was on was going to fly off the edge of the slide thingy and send me to my death. I am not kidding.

All of the tube slides were super fun… And, I’ll be honest, I really did love riding the double tubes with the boys. And I’m very happy I got to them with both boys.

We did try the wave pool, but it was too crowded and we didn’t bother to wait for the waves.

The food is decently priced. I had a cheeseburger, fries & drink for $8. And an ice cream cone that was $2.

Overall Grade: B. (Because after walking around all day on cement and that composite deck material is really painful. That and the overall price to get in.) I’d definitely go back again next summer if I can.



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