18 08 2010

I have so much going on right now.

1. FINDING A JOB. Wait, right now, I’d be happy for an interview…

2. I know I’ve been lucky to spend time at the pool, since I love to swim… But, when those pools close? I’m going to be angry. And bored. And angry. So #1 better get going. I’m trying. But I’m so frustrated.

3. I go to Florida in less than a week. I got great flight times. And by the way, Air Tran? Sucks. I was told when I was waiting, for hours, for my Christmas flight, that I would have a $50 credit. I checked my awards account in June, saw NO CREDITS. So I emailed them. I had to call to get the credit….

I called AirTran today, and was told I had $189. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY NINE DOLLARS of credit. That expired at the end of July. Erm, all I wanted for my birthday was to hug The Nana, so don’t you think I would have USED THAT CREDIT??? The girl got so mad at me telling her that this was unacceptable, that she HUNG UP ON ME. Hi, Air Tran, I’m emailing you tonight, and unless you fix this, me and everyone I know online will know about this. I’m sorry, but you suck right now.

I booked on Southwest. Direct flights. I arrive at noon-ish. And got great go-home times too.

4. I get to spend – per Lili – approximately 3 days total with Little C. We’re going to try to plan some excursions, like pool time, and a nature hike, and whatever else Lili thinks up (btw, I’d love to meet Cora’s Mommy And Me friends…. hint hint.) But I CAN’T WAIT. The Nana is going to pick Little C up from daycare on Friday, so Little C gets used to The Nana picking her up. Good idea!!

But I’m so excited to see my whole family for 3 days. And my parents for nearly 2 weeks. I thought I was happy to extend my last visit. I was nutz. This visit is going to be the best visit ever.

5. I get to hug MY momma, The Nana.i CANNOT WAIT. I mnight end up an annoying passneger trying to get off the flight… I just want to hug my MOM!!!! That’s all I want!!! And my daddy, The GrandPa. Approximately ellebenty billion times. And I can’t wait. The Nana is going to think I’m on drugs the amount I want to hug her. And sit next to her on the couch. And discuss books (this isn’t a surprise, we LOVE to read!) I love The Nana and The GrandPa even more than Little C. And I can’t wait to see them… Swoooon!

6. Whew…. I gotta do some laundry. Just a bit, since I left some stuff in Florida last time I was there (smarty pants, that The Nana is… she told me to leave it there…. She’s so smart…) This means I can pack minimal stuff, but also include my sneakers, which I will need if Lili decides on a nature walk. And some sock, in case Little C wants to wear MY socks (she likes socks, yo!) She will soon get big feet and adopt my flip flops I assume. (And that’s a guaranteed assumation, because she’s gonna be hella more tall than her Mommy.) (Sorry, Lili, but we’re going to share shoes soon. She’s gonna be a beautiful tall Little C.) (And, yes, she will still be the Little C, even if she ends up a 1/4” taller than I.) ahe

7. My Dewey and My Clyde. Swooooooon. I get to snuggle with both. I love my trips to Florida always. Because I see my adopted (through my sister) pets. And Love Them. So. Much. I hope Mr. Clyde comes to sleep with me. If he doesn’t, I’m sure Ms. Dewey will. And at least I’ll get elebenty-gagillion kisses from Dew-berry. (Sorry, NE.) 🙂

When I finally hug The Nana and The GrandPa? I will feel like a million dollars. And like a new person. I can’t wait. And I’ll sit with both of them to search for new jobs. Here… And maybe, hopefully, there. I need to be with my family. Sorry #yinzteam.

I cannot wait. Cannot wait to see my family… In total, it’s only been nearly 8 months.  I CANNOT do that again. I need my The Nana and The GrandPa. True Story.

The Nana, The GrandPa, Lili, Ne, and MY LITTLE C… I cannot wait to see you one week from now. It will be my best visit ever. Thank you, The Nana and The GrandPa, I appreciate this more than you know. You’ve made me a bit happier than I was. And I know I’ll come home more committed, more happy, and more determined than I was, ever. I NEED my family. More than I can tell you…..




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