Training the Army.

22 08 2010

I think I’ve mentioned here that I am accumulating a very small person Army. Right?

And I watched two members of my Army this past Saturday. It was, in one word, awesome. Both kids were super-duper good. Not kidding. I mentioned bath time to J, and he was READY! And I asked A if she’d like to sit downstairs and play or come with us, and she was happy to play.

J was awesome for his bath, although I ended up 20% wet from splashing (Aunt Claire is still unsure of how full to make the tub to bathe a small person.) But it was fun to lean in and splash with J, too.

We put on our jammies, and rocked a bit while watching TV, and J was obviously ready for bed. I helped him in, and he was out like a light. Such a sweetie pie, that one.

Then I helped A into her jammies, and we watched Cinderella III.

I’m a super, duper original Cinderella fan. It’s my favorite Disney movie. Ever.

But this one was good. Cute, even!

We had snacks, earlier with J, and after. Baby Goldfish snacks. Goodness, they are tasty!! Less salty than the bigger ones. Nom. Nom. Nom. And A and I shared some mini Chips Ahoy! cookies too.

A, later, even said “Claire, you’re the best!” Obviously, this is a very smart 4 year old, in my opinion, of course. (Like I didn’t know that when Burghbaby said, “A requested the ‘girl with the pony tail.’)

I also got yelled at, by A, when I took my hair out of the clip I had it in, intending to put it into said pony tail. She said, “Why is your hair not in the pony tail?” She was worried!!!

I had to assure her, that I was just resetting said pony tail… Who am I to disappoint a kiddo with my pony tail.

(Note to self: Never cut your hair so short you will not be again known as the “girl with the pony tail”)

It was a great evening. And I did get to hang out with some of my good adult friends for a while too. And I do love my kiddos. I would watch either of them again in a hot second.

And, J learned my name. I think. Or at least close to it…. I win!

But in reality? I wasn’t training my Army. My Army is training me. To be the bestest Aunt on the planet each time I see Little C. I love my kiddos here in the ‘Burgh. And I’ll babysit for any of them, when I can. But really, in the end, all it does is make me a better person and a better Aunt.

The reality and truthfulness of kids? Is maybe more refreshing than the pool on a hot day, and their love is true and they love to learn through playing. And they are so real and in the moment that it is sometimes scary… This all makes me happy. And happy to help. And learn to be the best Aunt ever. (aka not just a spoiling Aunt, but a smarty pants, too!)

Little C, I will see you soon! And we will have a great time with The Nana and The GrandPa, especially thanks to my little Army.

Thanks, Army. I love you all. Truly. You’re good kiddos. 🙂


Aunt Claire




One response

22 08 2010

awww…two small cadets in your army who live with me think you are pretty swell!

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