2 weeks later…

8 09 2010

Oh hai! I’m back home again in Pittsburgh.

I had a spectacular, amazing, gluttonous time in Florida.

I gained at least 10 pounds. I ate my face off. Seriously.

I spent nearly every waking second with The Nana. Which totally make up for the hug I wanted for my birthday. I love The Nana. The Nana’s awesomeness is obvious since Little C asks for her every second she thinks Nana is around. It’s totally adorable. Little C also asks for GrandPa as well. That girl loves her Nana and GrandPa.

It made me remember how much I loved MY Nana, Granda and GrandPa… Bittersweet, but great memories, to be sure.

I got to spend time with The GrandPa too. I helped him in the yard, and it was really fun. Fun being that we chopped off a bunch of palms and then attempted to kill a root of a tree with clippers and succeeded. We’re awesome. We know.

I managed to finally finish The Nana’s Christmas present. I gave her two pieces of Beatles fabric for Christmas. Intending to make her whatever she wanted. She chose an apron. But when I got home, I realized they weren’t big enough. But I had a plan, and needed Nana’s ok on it. She approved, and here is the result:

The Beatles fabric makes up the majority of the apron. Plus two side panels of black, trimmed in red. I think it turned out great. And The Nana loved it. (So did Lili and Little C – we took it on our 2nd trip so Lili could see it, and Little C could try it on.)

The Beatles fabric, for those of you wondering:

Pretty sweet, no? I had my eye on this fabric for a long time once I found it online at a quilt fabric shop. I happened to find two pieces of it just before Christmas, just after they discontinued the line!

I have a zillion things to tell you guys. Hopefully I’ll remember. For now, I’ll leave you with my beach time.

I went to the beach twice. Once for a good 3-4 hours. Once for just an hour or so. The first time, I took some pics… Here you go. (I’ll post some no-face-showing pics of me & Little C soon in case you don’t see my pics when I post them elsewhere…)

AKA I don't know how my timer on my camera works and was like this when the camera took the picture. Oops.

Favorite picture from my trip without Little C involved. Now my avatar just about everywhere. 🙂




One response

8 09 2010

That fabric is really awesome!

I’m glad you had such an amazing trip. That last picture really is great!

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