Fabric Heaven.

8 09 2010

Warning. Sewing nerd, fabric junkie post ahead.

A while ago, in November, I said I was going to go to the Rainbow’s End Quilt Shoppe in Duneden, FL. Well, we didn’t go. My choice.

However, after spending the last two weeks with The Nana, and discussing some secret projects I have in my brain, I asked to go there on the way to the airport before I came home. Thankfully, The GrandPa agreed to take us there.

I kid you not, this place is spectacular. Their photo stream does NOT do the place justice. It is a fabric junkie’s heaven.

Their main room is general quilting fabrics. And they have some killer stuff. Things I’ve never even seen online. That is most of what you see in the photo stream. What I loved was that in each section, they had fat quarters or so of most of the fabrics, so you didn’t have to buy yardage.

So I picked up these, after weeding out others in my basket… Each piece was $2.75. Not bad for FQ’s at a specialty shop, in my opinion. These are for Secret Project #1.

You get one guess as to whom this fabric & project is for, based on this fabric. It's pretty easy, I think... 🙂

The main room also had a big section of Halloween fabrics. The Nana and I spent some time there picking out a couple fabrics. I’m going to make Little C a Halloween treat bag. (Super blurry photos, courtesy of yours truly & my camera. Oy.)

The dots are going to be the handle of the bag, and maybe part of the bag. No decision yet. And the other is the body of the bag. Cute, no?

Back to this shop… They also have a tiny room with just felt. ONLY FELT. In so many colors that I was overwhelmed and could not remember what colors of felt I needed for my upcoming felt foods. Colors I know I cannot get at Joann’s or Michael’s… I was in shock…

But then I entered a giant room. With only Christmas fabrics. ONLY. About 3/4 of the size of the main room… I walked in, looked to my right and found my choice, but I wandered around to find others, but none so cute. (I also spied a sectioned off area that I KNOW had Valentine’s Day fabrics…)

So I bought these, for a super secret project:

Awesome, right?? Except I have 7 fabrics. And the pattern I have calls for TWELVE prints and three solids. TWELVE???  I’ve already taken two different fabric lines and melded them together to make the seven work… And I thought I had too many… (Truth be told, I had my netbook, with the pattern on it, so I could have checked, but I didn’t.) So now I have to find these lines elsewhere and buy more. And hope a big FQ will work.

Whatever. I love a challenge, especially in sewing.

I ended up buying 11 pieces of fabric. OMG. I’ve never, ever spent this much on such small pieces of fabric. But it was so worth it when I got home and opened the rolls and saw them… SO. WORTH. IT.

OH! I forgot to tell anyone this… I had a last minute sewing job in Florida!! When The Nana and I went to watch Little C on Labor Day weekend, one of Lili’s friends asked about me making pillow cases for her kids pillows for daycare… I took the job, used The Nana’s sewing machine and made four super cute pillow cases in no time and made some money on vacation!

Again, back to the Rainbow’s End shop… If you sew, love fabric and are ever near Tampa, Clearwater or St. Pete’s… GO THERE. If I lived near there and had a job, I’d make serious extra money making quilts from the fabric they have there. My brain was exploded with ideas!!

Thanks to The Nana for telling me about the shop, and for The GrandPa for not only taking us there, but for being a champ and dealing with me and The Nana acting like crazy sewing ladies in there, mostly me…  He even grabbed The Nana at one point to show her stuff. (I think he found the felt room as well.)




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