9 09 2010

I’m not really a shoe person. I don’t like shoes. I like flip flops. And I hate socks.

But in Florida, I stumbled upon some killer shoes. On sale. And I have to share them. Especially since my favorite ones were approved by Shadow. For those of you not in the know, Shadow is a super duper shoe selector. I hope he approves of the other ones I now own…

These next ones are a little big, but they have a squared toe, which I prefer.

This next pair is kind of funny to me. I saw them, and tried on the one display shoe since they were Jessica Simpson, and they reminded me of shoes Calipanthergrl wears… I even sent CPG a pic of them on Twitter because I found it so funny. I never intended to get them until The Nana said they looked nice… So I now own these as well.

I’m seriously still laughing at myself for owning those shoes. So not me. Nor is the next pair. I also tried these ones on just for fun. But when I had them on and looked in the mirror, I fell in love. These shoes are SO not me!! Stiletto heel? Heels at all. Good grief. These pictures do not do them justice… And I CANNOT wait to wear them…

OMG. I love these shoes. LOVE. LOOK at that heel!! I’m going to break a leg wearing them. Seriously. The Nana is nervous about them. Can’t say I blame her, but all the shoes I now own were super comfy. Really.

To be true to myself, and help my cranky feet, I did also get a cute pair of dark brown Keds slip ons (which I did not take pictures of. oops.) and two new pair of Crocs. And you Crocs haters? They’re not the regular ones. They are:

Crocs Captiva

And the Prepair Slide.

My feets are happy. šŸ™‚




2 responses

10 09 2010

LOVE the strappy stiletto and the wooden heel! Be patient breaking them in, short bursts at a time at first. I wear some wicked 4 inch heels at work now, but I was a flat shoe girl forever… it takes different muscles, believe it or not! They are gorgeous! You will rock them!

13 09 2010

I’m not much of a shoe person either and I think the first pair is the only one my feet could handle. That doesn’t stop me from LOVING the ones with the wooden soles- it just means my toes are wincing right now.

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