17 09 2010

It’s tomorrow! And I’m going! Yays!

And tonight was the meet & greet. Great time. Wonderful friends.

Do you all remember when I was shy and awkward, and made Calipanthergrl go to my first event with me? Because I was painfully SHY? And I think the only person I spoke to was Jennie… and CPG. I am such a dork!!

Never in my wildest dreams back then, did I imagine that I would now know so many people and could introduce two of my friends to so many people tonight. It made me so happy that I know all of these people. I’m so lucky. So. Lucky.

Twitter and the online community rocks, you guys. Most ruggers joke around with me about “twetting” things that happen, but the Tweeps I have rock, and tonight was another reminder. An un-needed one, but still, I loved it.

And to all of you who complimented me on my appearance tonight, thank you, again. I like to surprise you guys every once in a while and show up all fancy, just so you don’t think I’m always in rugby or softball or grungy stuff all the time. But really, thank you. I appreciate the compliments more than I can tell you. Again, my TWEEPS ROCK!

I cannot wait for tomorrow!

(PS: For The Nana and Lili: I wore the fancy, strappy shoes this evening. They were gloriously comfy. Not kidding. I was standing/walking all night long!! I was entirely correct when I saw them in the mirror and fell in love… I think they love me back!)




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