A dog, a cat and a DUCK.

19 09 2010

So yesterday, I received an email from The Nana, telling me that my aunt and uncle from Australia were arriving that evening, not this coming Tuesday as we originally believed.

I decided to do something a little different, and ask my Twitter friends to welcome my #AussieRelatives to the US of A – not that they haven’t been here before, they have, many times – but I thought this would be fun.

And to encourage my Tweeps to participate, I offered up two tickets to the Pittsburgh Brewfest to a randomly selected person who included the #AussieRelatives hash tag (that’s what the little pound sign means on Twitter, FYI.) and copied me (I’m @PghRugbyAngel on Twitter, in case you cared) during the day today.

Below is a sampling of the responses, which I am asking The Nana to show her brother and sister-in-law… My uncle is a pretty hilarious guy, and I think he’d totally get a kick out of my doing this.

Also, I totally love my Uncle T and Aunt A from Australia, and wish my visit two weeks ago coincided with their visit… I hope you guys enjoy this.

Funniest part… There’s a CAT, a DOG and a DUCK who entered. No, I’m not kidding… Um…. My friends are a little strange, but they’re all hoping you have a great visit with The Nana and The GrandPa. Also, please give Little C a big hug and kiss from her Aunt. Thank you!

(These are in no particular order, by the way!)

The cat.

The dog…

And good grief, even a duck…

So, how did I get a winner? I took each Twitter friend’s name and made a list from the first one to the last one and numbered them as they came in. And yes, even the dog, the cat and the duck. (I had no idea my friend owned a duck, by the way.)

There were 23, including the animals, and elebentybillion from a certain UncleCrappy (who also sent in the Mr. Miles cat one) since I did not specify whether or not you could enter from multiple accounts. Whoops.

And the winner? Message #10. From one @JMWander. Congratulations! Your tickets will be at the Will Call area, unless you want to DM me and send me your address. Your choice!

And THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone who participated and helped me send my very own special method of welcoming my Aunt & Uncle for their visit. I love my friends. You guys rock.




5 responses

19 09 2010

Thank goodness I didn’t lose to a cat. Or a dog. Or a duck. Or @unclecrappy.

19 09 2010

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to go to the Brewfest. Would your Aussie relatives take me to Footy game one day?

19 09 2010
Uncle Crappy

How come no one believes me when I say Miles knows how to type?

19 09 2010

Erm, in the event you are in Australia, I think that my Aunt & Uncle would be wonderful friends and and accompany you. I’d have to confirm, but they’re pretty cool people!!

19 09 2010

Maybe it’s because he hides under a couch all of the time. But then again, he DOES hang out in the room with the computer and keyboard…. Hmmmm. He may be smarter than I ever imagined possible…. Hi Mr. Miles! I love you! (As long as your humans say you’re cool and awesome, I will agree, and love you. Stay cool, Miles.)

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