Dear Podcamp…

19 09 2010

I love you. I really do.  Thanks for being friends with me.

Saturday was so much fun. I even woke up at the crack o’ dawn (normal waking hours for most of you) to make it there. I spent many $$$ on Starbucks coffee so I wouldn’t be cranky in the AM even! (You’re welcome. I was bright, pleasant and perhaps even funny. SURPRISE!)

I managed to tell my buddy from Commonwealth Press to go to the wrong place, but I scored the t-shirt I’ve seriously be coveting for EVER. The city of Pittsburgh one, where they have the names of the ‘hoods? Yeah, I have one now. In my size. I love you too, Commonwealth Press.

Yeah, this t-shirt.


Each time I hang out with the group of friends Twitter and this blog have given me, I feel so lucky. And the truth is, I am lucky.

I’m so glad I finally attended Podcamp. I can’t wait for next year. And I can’t wait to get a little more involved with the whole thing.




One response

22 09 2010

I agree, Podcamp is the only thing worth waking up early.

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