23 09 2010

My mom, The Nana, if you’re new here, is straight off the boat/plane/whatever from Scotland. She’s cute, adorable, and you should love her as much as I do, of course. She is all kinds of awesome.

And she’s been here for more years than I’ve been alive, maybe, (I am not doing the math.) but either way, she’s been here a WHILE.

But what I never understood, as a child, and adolescent, a teen, a college kid and even afterward was WHY DON’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND WHEN THE NANA SPEAKS! To the point that, mid-college, it made me mad when The Nana ordered at dinner, and the server had to ask her to repeat her order. I knew what she ordered… Why couldn’t they????

I know, The Nana is ORIGINALLY a foreigner. But her accent is not that hard that you need a dang interpreter… She doesn’t speak an entire different language, people.

I’m well aware that because she is my mom, The Nana’s accent to me is not apparent. Believe me, I know this.

But where does this accent issue come from, you guys??? I have been asked SO MANY TIMES, “Oh, your mom is from Scotland, why don’t you have that accent?”

Well, smarty pants you a) do not inherit accents. However b) put me in listening distance of a Scottish or Irish person, and give me an hour, and I develop a brogue. It’s kind of bizarre.

But really, mom is my mom. And I will always hear and see her from the viewpoint of being her daughter, and probably nothing else… I love where she is from, it’s gorgeous, beautiful, and I was incredibly blessed as a child to visit Scotland MANY times. I super puffy pink heart love her.

But to me, she has never had an accent. Ever. (In all my ahem 29 years.)

Until now…

I haven’t spoken much to my mom, The Nana, since January, until my visit to them last month.

And when I first saw her, she still had no accent. (POI: I was kinda happy to see The Nana again.. Full on honest here… I ran across the area to hug her… busy crying and hugging said mom, being so happy to see her in person… She could have spoke German to me, and I’d still have hugged her and been happy…)

However, when she talks to Little C? Woo boy. Her accent is FULL and back and in effect. Little C seems to understand her Nana. And Little C loves her Nana like a crazy little lady, so it’s all good.

But when I watch the 70 or so videos I took, most of them of Little C showing her Nana something or performing something for her Nana? WOW, I finally hear the accent.

Not that I give anyone who never understood her a moment of reprieve. I don’t. This is the first time I’ve ever heard it. I swear to you.

And I love it.

Not just because I love my mom, but because when she talks? I hear her voice the same as I remember MY and Lili’s Nana back in the day.

And it reminds me, every note of your voice, why I love you as my mother.



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26 09 2010

a lot of the “huh?” stuff could also be the ethnocentric way Americans act. one of my Asian friends who’s lived here since she was 2 is constantly telling me that when she orders food or anything over the phone, she has no problems, but when people SEE her, they subconsciously think, “Oh heck! I can’t understand her accent!” and are always asking her to repeat herself.

ppl might just hear her speak a bit differently and react to the difference? maybe?

26 09 2010

Katy, I have no clue. But when I was on the phone tonight with The Nana, I didn’t hear the accent. AT ALL. Yet on these videos, I hear it clear as a bell. I don’t understand what my ears are telling me.

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