26 09 2010

A lot of things are going on right now.

First of all, is to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary. We all know I love my parents, and today was their anniversary. I had all kinds of plans to call them, but my schedule interfered, and when I did call, they didn’t answer. Um. Okay. Well, my #AussieRelatives are visiting, so I just assume they are out with them.

Then, hours later, Lili sends me a text, “You know The Nana and The GrandPa are here, right?” Um, no. I had no idea. No wonder they didn’t answer & didn’t call me back!  So, I ended up calling my parents at Lili’s house. I know my parents are busy with the relatives, but geez did I miss talking to The Nana… (Side note, I didn’t hear her accent AT ALL while talking to her. This is strange.)

I had a fun day running touch yesterday for PghRugbyRef at my boys’ D3 game. The ref society has this new thing where you have headsets to listen to the ref’s calls. Wow, was that confusing. You can also talk to the ref. Let’s just say me and that talk button did not get along… And unfortunately, my boys lost. And two of them got hurt.

However the two who were hurt where pretty hilarious later that night.

And last in this bizarro world of things is a thing I’d never ever think I’d be announcing here…

I’m working at My Living Room again. Not any regular days, just when I’m needed here or there, I think. My first night is this coming Saturday from 6-close.

I have promised to be pleasant. And I will be.



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27 09 2010

Thanks for touch judging for me Saturday. It’s great to have touch judges that you respect and trust. Makes my job easier! Good Luck back at Your Living Room. I hope to make it Saturday night, but we’ll see what the kids situation is.

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