28 09 2010

So I don’t remember dreams much. I’m pretty sure I’ve addressed that here.

But the past two nights I’ve had a storm of dreams.

One that involved my Little C. Where we are (we being, I guess, The Nana and Lili and I) trying to get a good picture of me looking at Little C.

It was, in the dream, a battle. Not just Little C, but me, as well. Which is confusing, because I would gladly gaze at my small lady every second of the day.

But, I know where this comes from. Some of my fave pics of me and My Little C are ones where I hold her, and gaze in amazement at her. It’s quite awesome.

Because she is obviously, quite awesome.

And, my favorite picture from my last trip, I’m holding my lovely lady girl, and my head is directed towards her, yet I’m looking at our photographers (Lili and The Nana.) The Nana and I had many discussions about this photograph.

I declared it an ok photo. Even though I can seriously see my eyes turned another way. In my heart, I know I’m enjoying the moment, and just making sure the “paparazzi” that Little C and I had were capturing the moment. And they did. And they did it well.

So what if it isn’t perfect? She’s a toddler. I’m me. Not perfect is quite right there, am I wrong?

Little C and I often have many paparazzi around us. We’re awesome, and lucky that way.

And my fave pics of us together are truly the ones where one or the other of us is gazing at the other, or back when she was small, when she tried to eat my face off in a series of photos. That was pretty special. Ever had a baby try to gnaw your face off? No? You’re missing out.

That was pretty awesome.

Lili, do you mind me sharing those pics? Because I’m sure the folks who visit here would LOVE to see my lovely, Little C, try to eat my face.

(It was pretty much a fun time, to be honest… besides my exclamation of “Help! I think she’s trying to eat me!”) No, really, I said that, or something of the sort, out loud.

If you want, I can make my lovely’s face unrecognizable. Just let me know.



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