29 09 2010

In my posts here and on Facebook, and heck, even via email, I have received an overwhelming response of support for my return to My Living Room.

Friends will be there! Friends with kiddos and friends who do not have kiddos.

Friends are putting babies to bed, and then showing up. Other friends are potentially hiring sitters for their kiddos, and stopping by.

Knowing that I love all those kiddos and babies, and seeing that these parents, and also my non-child-having friends have put this on their calendar? I’m shocked, and so lucky to know them all. And lucky they know this is important to me. It is, to be honest. I love My Living Room. I always have. And I always will love it.

I’ve been thinking about this bar thing all week long.

And it will be fine… I, myself, will be FINE.

I will work my a** off, and work with my former co-workers and have a great time.

The nerves are subsiding, and the excitement is building. Wish I could find the shoes I planned to wear though. They seem to be missing. Erm…

Where are my shoes!?



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