Medusa. 2010.

31 10 2010

Thanks to @robjdlc for the picture. We don’t know why my eyes look quite so scary, but every pic my Tweeps took looked like that.

It was a good night.

Thanks to Jenana37, Psylum, Synonymforwalk, thejgs, robjdlc, and sheepthemoon for stopping by. Love you guys!!! (and anyone I may have missed.)

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Birthday Present.

26 10 2010

For The Nana.

I felt like I talked about this enough that I should share with you what Lili, The GrandPa and I bought for The Nana for her birthday.

Especially since I thought it was our best gift to her, ever. And, per Lili, she loved it! (The Nana also told me this, but Lili added info.)

We purchased a Pandora bracelet for The Nana.

We were worried she’d not like a “charm” bracelet. But the Pandora is not a drop charm bracelet, but a circular charm bracelet. And I loved the idea. So did Lili and The GrandPa.

Lili was in charge of the purchase, and WOW, did she do well. (I totally love my Lili, if you are new here.)

The Nana got her plain old bracelet, and these:

She’s The Nana. From Scotland. And LOOOVES her tea. That was our first choice obviously!!!!!! And she said she loves it!!!

And this:

Lili added this one because The Nana gave My Little C a heart necklace that Lili and I have seen on her neck for most of our lives for her christening.  Only dangly charm we picked. But it means a TON.

And this one from Lili, herself:

This is Lili’s input. Biology. Vines. I love it.

There was one other. But I could not find it online… but Lili also bought one to represent The GrandPa’s birthday. So sweet.

The Nana loved it so much that when they had to go swap out the actual bracelet to fit her wrist, she bought this:


I’m so happy The Nana loves this. Lili told me she LOVED IT!!!

Again, best gift EVER!

I was so convinced that this would be a great present that I already have a list, a long list, of charms to buy my mom, The Nana, for holidays, for years!

I had a few I was planning for Christmas, but The Nana beat me to it by buying the “C.”

I need to find a way to get a charm made with a big and little “C” by the way.

Hooray for the family coming up with a great present. I love my family. And in approximately 4 weeks, I’ll see them for Turkey Day. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

(To see them, and to finally see this present!!!) And, OMG, Little C!!! (Even though she clearly said “No” when Lili said “Would you like to say hi to Aunt Claire?” earlier tonight. She’s a busy little lady. I mess with her time, obv.)

High fives.

23 10 2010

I love My Living Room. You know this. And, I love it again. To. Death.

I love that My Living Room is now on Twitter, without me doing it, and they are DOING IT RIGHT!!!

I love that a random guy in the bar tonight, whose name I recognized from his tab, is the brother of someone I haven’t talked to in forever. Which resulted in text messages, a phone call, and a request to keep an eye on said brother. (Done, btw. Of course!) Love.

I love that certain songs people play on the jukebox result in random Michael Jackson dance parties (twice now since I’ve been back on the clock!) or nearly the whole bar singing along with a song played. Love.

I love waiting on people again. It’s so much fun. I also love nicely asking what someone wants, saying please and thank you. It’s so different this time around. And yes, I’m sane and totally fine in the head*.

Geebus, I missed this place.  And all the crazy that comes with it.

What I didn’t realize, until tonight, that I really missed the High Fives that some of the regulars give you when you work, and the High Fives from your co-workers, too.

High Fives? Rock. True story. (Double High Fives when you have somehow injured your left upper chest, however, suck big time. OUCH!)

*I know I’m entirely fine and happy because I spent Thursday afternoon at Mindbling’s house, visiting her new baby, Mavbling. He’s a cutie pie, FYI. And I did not steal him. I snuggled him, fed him a bottle and talked to him. No baby stealing! But Mindbling actually told me that she’s never seen me so happy. I’ll call that a win.

Working girl.

19 10 2010

Wow. I’m working. I have a job. And I love it so amazingly much. Love, people. Even when it means I can’t run touch on Saturdays. I love it.

I’m not making that much $$ but, I love the working. Love it.

I’m working like crazy:

Friday, 10/22 – 8 till close
Saturday, 10/23 – 3 till ?
Sunday, 10/24 – 7 till close
Monday, 10/25 – 6 till close
Saturday, 10/30 – 6 till close
Sunday 10/31 – 6 till close

Holy wows. The Viking? He rocks for this schedule. Obviously.

Who is coming to visit me on these work days!!??? I love when my tweeps show up!! I’m there, except for Saturday, until we close. Get there. You know who you are. Do it!!!

I like tending bar. And apparently I’m good at it. (Thanks to all of you who told me this lately.) I always did like it, but the stress of a full time job, a part time job, and all the rugby crap really ate at me back in the day.

I’m a new girl now. The ruggers and the regulars have seen it. I SMILE behind the bar. You cause a ruckus? I’m calling back the door guy. (He’s pretty awesome, if you haven’t met him. Saturday guy, FYI.) (I don’t know the new door guy on Friday, but I’m sure he’s equally as awesome!)

I love the rush of so many customers cramming the bar and having to run, or slide, back there. Working hard!!! I hate pouring more car or bat bombs than I can count. But, the people, they love them.

So I’ll continue to pour, and I’ll continue to smile, and continue to love this tiny job I have.

I’m happy again, and I am working. And it’s fun again. I gotta love it. And, I do love it.

Thanks, Viking and my Tweeps for showing up, and my ruggers. I love you all. I’m really happy doing this again. Really. Truly.

Dear The Nana,

19 10 2010

I want to wish you the happiest of happy birthdays ever! (tomorrow)

Happy Happy Birthday, Ma!!!!! (that looks strange, just imagine me calling out to you, “ma!” like I do, okay?)

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more than life)

I’m so jealous of you spending your birthday with my Little C… Please give her a big hug and kiss from her Ahn Cleh.

And, I hope you love your birthday present from The GrandPa, Lili and I.

I happen to think this might be the best present we’ve ever selected for you.

I cannot wait to see you in November. I CANNOT WAIT.  I need to see my Mom. Sooo much….

I hope you have a great birthday, and that Little C gives you lots of hugs & kisses. She loves you so much. As do all of us.

Love you & happy birthday, The Nana.


14 10 2010

So I was watching TV the other night, The Mentalist, FYI. And this guy popped up on my TV.

And I KNEW I knew him from somewhere.

He’s from this rugby video!! Please, please someone help me figure out who he is… Because when I originally posted this video? I was asked who the guy was, over & over again.  (In the original post, I said I’d post who he is the second I found out…)

What I don’t get in this video? Inches? We don’t do inches in Rugby.  Isn’t that American football?

But we fight. We fight so much. And so you know, it can be a man or woman, who will go that far for you. If you are their teammate….

We work for our team. We’ll come close to dying for our team.  My teammates and club-mates are amazing…

You play as a team. Men or women…. That’s rugby, my friends. He’s sooooo right.

My PRFC is doing that now… playing as a team. Angels, and the boys…

I hate not playing, but I swear on everything I love, that I love my ruggers…

My Angels are still my team… The girls are back on the Nationals hunt. It kills me that I can’t play… Kills me.

And based on what I saw last weekend? My boys? They’re going to improve. Thrive!!! They’re going to make me so happy that I will not know what to do with myself!

Last weekend was the best rugby I’ve seen my men play in a long time. Fantastic hits. FANTASTIC. AMAZING, even. And they won. No, they didn’t just win, they were freaking amazing. I must see the video of the game… First game I’ve ever said that about, and I’ll contact the people involved to get me a copy… but…


I watched longer than I planned. I had to go to work. But I HAD to stay. They were winning. And my boys were playing amazing…

But the plays, the hits, the kicks…. I was amazed. They were great!!!!

I want to see that the next time I come out, guys. Please. I love you all, and I want both teams, DII and DIII to succeed. You have no idea.

Those of you who read this, know I love the rugby guys… Please keep this up. Please!!!!

I need to see, before I leave you all, for my men to do great things. You have the potential. You just have to DO IT.  I know you can. (especially after last weekend!!!)

Please bring it, boys, please.


11 10 2010

Yesterday was the ZombieFest event here in Pittsburgh.

It was also my first Sunday at My Living Room in a zillion years. And when I showed up at 5pm for a BLT, the bar was mostly empty.

And don’t you know, the Invasion of the Zombies happened right as my shift started at 6pm.  (Keep in mind here, I have nothing against the Zombie folk. It was kind of cool to see all the makeup, outfits etc.)

We went from ready to switch employees to holycrapwe’resobusy. So busy, in fact, that we ran out of pint glasses and I RAN. No really, I RAN to Giant Eagle to buy cups. And RAN back. (That was fun…)

And when I got back, around 8pm, I was told we closed the kitchen. We were out of plates. In all my years working at this bar, that has NEVER happened.

We were slammed. More than the past two Saturdays that I worked. Woa.

Finally, things settled down, but we were still busy. The day shift people left, SkaterRat and I were on top of things. The bands started.

The bands continued. Peaches, who was working, on his ONLY day off, finally clocked out and took off. (He still loves me, FYI, even when he looks like he’s ready to kill someone. Whew. I love my Peaches.)

The final band went on, which includes Drummer and another guy who used to work the door at My Living Room, and they reminded the small crowd to tip the bartenders, which made me love them even more. (band folk, that is key to earn the love of the bartenders, just sayin’) (which reminds me, I think there’s a Shiver show coming up that I need to attend.)

After the bands were done is where the fun starts.

First, I get these guys, one after another at the bar, asking if I am me… I kind of freak – I know my old reputation, and I’m trying to hard to bury it – but then they tell me my old regulars told them I was working there again, and they should introduce themselves since I’m a “rad chick.” I nearly died on the spot. Swoon.

Next, one of my old fave regulars, a girl, shows up… and I swear, I thought she was going to faint when she saw me. She was SO happy! These reactions? Make me remember how much I loved working there. And make me so much more dedicated to be that new me at the bar.

And @psylum showed up. Yay!!!!!!! I love that him! He only stayed for one beer, but we talked enough that I’m sure it took him forever to drink that one beer. Love you! And goodness, I missed you. 🙂

And then… Then, techno music comes out of the jukebox. Techno. The guys who played it are oh-so-proud of themselves, and are newer regulars, and had a plan…

Next up? Rick-rolling the bar. Love! Then Huey Lewis (sorry, my request, and they picked one of the cheesiest ones to play.) Then Tracey Chapman. Really? We all agreed we all hate the song… And I think the last was a Simon & Garfunkel…

But then… Miley Cyrus. Party in the USA (is that the right name? IDK. Don’t care, either)

And last? Michael Jackson dance party. All over the place. All. Over. The. Place. Back table? Check. Multiple people out in front of the bar? Check.

It was hilarious. Everyone had such a great time. I loved it. Was I sweaty, gross, and running my butt off? Oh, absolutely. Did I love every second of it? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.

I can’t wait for next Saturday!!!