Ready. Sort of.

1 10 2010

I’m ready for my busy day tomorrow.

Knowing that I’m old and stuff, I am at home tonight, getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Because working from 6pm till close is something I gave up over a year and a half ago.

It’s gonna be rough. But I’m ready to show up with a smile, and wear whatever the heck I can manage to fit the dress code. I know I own approximately 30,000 PRFC and Living Room shirts. Can I find one? NO! Are there any smalls in the PRFC goodie bags? No. Guess I’m buying a new t-shirt tomorrow.

(Which I will mod in my own time before the next shift.)

I swear on everything I love, I WILL be pleasant tomorrow night. I will be a new-to-you bartender.

But, first, I’m getting up and going to tailgate with the master of tailgating, Uncle Crappy, before we watch Burghseyeview‘s son play football against CMU.

Said son is also a rugger, so I gotta be there. Yes, I’m skipping a home Angels game to attend this. But I’ll see my ladies later.

I’ll peace out and head to work… Yes, I just said that. I am going to work…. At My Living Room.

You have no idea how much this freaks me out.

I’m going to work. I have, if only for one night, a job. Good grief.

I am a bartender again.

God, I hope I remember how to do this.

By the way, friends who are planning to be there to support me? You have no idea how much I appreciate you. I hope to be able to hug or talk to every single one of you, if I can’t, please understand I’ve gotta do this job, but I love that you guys are going to be there for me. Even more than I appreciated your showing up when I left My Living Room.

Luckiest girl on the planet to have the friends I have. True Story.

I have to be at work (that is SO STRANGE TO SAY) by 6pm. I want dinner before I work. So I’ll be there earlier.

Things have changed there. I hope I’m quick enough to get it.

Pretty sure I will get it, and I will be better for it.

Can’t wait to see everyone at My Living Room tomorrow.

Ah, My Living Room. This is going to be EPIC.



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