3 10 2010

Do you know about ScareHouse? No? I didn’t either until recently.

It has been named one of America’s scariest Halloween attractions by the Travel Channel. Not kidding. Go to the site. It’s there.

I already hate it. I’m not a fan of “scary.”

But, when two of my friends, BurghBaby and Ginny, with the help of ScareHouseScott, came up with this fancy contest between my friends, well, I had to consider going.

The thing is, if you donate on BurghBaby’s page, it counts towards her total, and vice versa for Ginny.

If BurghBaby wins? Ginny has to walk through all of the ScareHouse. All by herself. (I am seriously terrified for Ginny right now.)

If Ginny wins? BurghBaby has to dress herself up in a fancy pretty, pretty princess dress along with crown, shoes etc. (As much as I fear for Ginny? I also fear this one as well. If only for the horrors BurghBaby would inflict on those of us taking photos of such horror, and then sharing them with her daughter, A. – which I would NEVER do, of course.)

Any who… I consulted some of my trusted advisers, one of which told me “It’s not like you’ll die there or anything.” (Thanks, Sport. You rock. You have no idea how scary I find this stuff.) to determine if I should support my two fave fundraisers and go to this scary thing…

(Someone remind me to add “Sport” to the Cast of Characters. Thanks.)

Then I lamented on Twitter that I thought I should go. Because BurghBaby and Ginny’s kids charity stuff? I LOVE it.

And then, my good friend and other British chocolate provider, Beth910, told me she cannot go on Tuesday. Would I like to have her ticket, in exchange for the a Brewfest ticket for her friend.


So now, I will be at ScareHouse on Tuesday. And I plan to spend the entire time in the Tweetup VIP tent. No way I’m scaring my pants off.  I live alone…. I’ll wake up crying. No, thank you.




One response

4 10 2010

I *love* this sort of scary. I hate scary movies and I hate real-life scary stuff, but haunted houses? BRING. IT. ON.

See you there!

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