The Return!

3 10 2010

As you know, last night was my first night working back at My Living Room. So how did it go?

Well, I got a terrible night’s sleep on Friday, and spent most of the day Saturday being nervous and a little freaked out about Saturday night. And the nerves continued until about an hour into the shift.

The register system at My Living Room didn’t help my nerves when Viking tried to log me in and it basically told him, “That person no longer works here, and no, we will not let you enter her into the system again.” (We eventually figured out the problem.)

It definitely felt strange to be behind the bar as an employee again. But I had nothing to worry about. It helped that the Viking and Peaches were working me. I loved working with those two, and still do. They even managed to not laugh out loud at me when I had questions on where things were in the register or needed to have help making a shots or drinks that I know I’ve easily made 1,000 times. (Thanks, guys!)

And the best part? I spent most of the night SMILING. We were decently busy, made decent money and we all had FUN. FUN working at the bar!

Thanks to all of my rugger friends who showed up and to my Twitter buddies who showed up en masse. It was great to see all of those friendly, smiling faces across the bar again.

Hope to see you all back there again sometime soon!

I’ll be working again Saturday and Sunday nights next week! I can’t wait. No, really.



3 responses

3 10 2010

i certainly thought my pint was perfectly poured! it was so great to be OUT at the bar again, so thanks for the impetus to get there.

3 10 2010

Thanks, Katy! I am so lucky that you, Mr. Blue Eyes’ mommy and some other of my friends who are moms managed to make it out. It really means a lot to me that you guys took time, however brief, from your kiddos to come down there last night. Thanks again. And tell MW I said hi! I’ll come see him again soon!

3 10 2010

we all had a great time! Im thinking Ruggers is going to be a regular sopt for us now ❤

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