5 10 2010

Tonight was the Crazy Scary Tweetup at Scarehouse that I mentioned a few days ago.

I nearly bailed on going just beforehand, but figured BurghBaby wouldn’t believe that I was sick enough to not go.

I was scared of that bunny. Who in reality, is not so scary. Who knew?

Anyway, I met up with V_Rock outside and we lined up to get in.  The room we were in was a little crowded, but it was nice to see some old friends and to meet some new ones.

In the end, BurghBaby “won” and Ginny had to go through the haunts on her own. With a wireless microphone.

A little side project developed when it was suggested that we take a collection to get BurghBaby into the dress. Sorry, friend, but I gladly contributed some of my tips from My Living Room to make that happen. 🙂 (thanks, TwinmamaTeb!)

I offered Ginny my tennis shoes, since she had worn heels, but she handed me her purse (so that her hubby, Mr. Jane Pitt, didn’t have to hold it) and went downstairs to get ready.

I’m sorry, Ginny, but it was kinda funny to hear you go through the haunts. But good job, lady. You RAN through all three. Like a speed demon. A very nice, demon, if you will. But, you had me convinced there was NO WAY I was going through.

Little did I know.

Enter  Soulfulleoness. And her 16 year old son. Said son had already gone through the three haunts and joined us upstairs. He began to try to bribe his mother into going. He offered changing the baby’s diaper for 6 months, straight B’s on his report card, all kinds of things get his mom through the haunts.

She said no. Every. Single. Time.

He’s a quite charming young man, and probably could have convinced me to go in. But no, mom said no. I agreed with mom on this one.

Fast forward a little bit in the time line of the night. Ginny has returned. We’ve just seen BurghBaby in all her princess glory.

Soulfulleoness’ son heads down to go through a 2nd time… We’re all happy, chatting etc.

And then we hear Soulfulleoness’ name being called. Loudly. From the stairs. The son had enlisted one of the employees to get his mom into the haunts. The guy in crazy makeup who had a megaphone. He was calling her name from the stairway, all the way up the stairway and onto the landing, where we were.

This guy was relentless.

I immediately, out loud, retract my earlier statement of the son being a nice, young man, and try to slink away, as Soulfulleoness links her arm in mine.

She says she’s only going if I go with her. Crap. I like this lady, I can’t just abandon her. Crap.

I say I’m only going if she and BeckyD go as well.

Wouldn’t you know, Becky is just behind us, and states she isn’t going.

I state, I’ll go if you and Soulfulleoness go.

So we went.

V_Rock came along to go through with us. And the 5 of us made it through. Safely, without screaming our pants off, and without so much fanfare as we’d imagined. Truly.

The line up was Soulfulleoness, son, Becky, me and V_Rock. Yeah, I was in the middle. Where they target you.

An employee asked me about my placement before we went in. Did I know what I was getting myself into? Yes, but I was already there in the lineup, and whatever. I had to do it.

I spent most of the time laughing, to be honest. And V_Rock and I said hi to the bunny when we saw him around halfway through. “Hi, Bunny!”

The work that goes into this thing? Amazing. Truly crazy amounts of work and art and blood, sweat & tears. I’m glad I did it. And I’m glad the bunny didn’t chase me around.

The only time I was truly terrified was when we entered Delirium. We put on 3D glasses and had to go through one of those spinning cylinders. On what I’d call a catwalk type thing.

Um, we all know about my height/railing issues, right? Putting me on that catwalk was the scariest thing to me ever.  BUT, thank god for the spinning thing, because it distracted me, made me feel like I’d puke, and I forgot about walking on the catwalk. Whew.

Also, I did not puke.

It was a great night, with great friends.

I’m so lucky to have such great friends. True story.

And kudos to Ginny for her record-breaking RUN through the entire ScareHouse, and to BurghBaby for donning the dress. I love you guys….




3 responses

5 10 2010

What a night. So much fun. Even though my son cornered me, and I had no choice but to bring you in with me. Actually, it was fun. The whole night. Great friends, indeed!

6 10 2010

Awesome! I’m so sorry to have missed the encouragement of Dina…sounds hilarious!

It was nice to actually meet you finally!

6 10 2010

Umm by “meet” I mean “spend time with.”

I shouldn’t attempt to write comments on my phone while also watching TV. Whoops.

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