14 10 2010

So I was watching TV the other night, The Mentalist, FYI. And this guy popped up on my TV.

And I KNEW I knew him from somewhere.

He’s from this rugby video!! Please, please someone help me figure out who he is… Because when I originally posted this video? I was asked who the guy was, over & over again.  (In the original post, I said I’d post who he is the second I found out…)

What I don’t get in this video? Inches? We don’t do inches in Rugby.  Isn’t that American football?

But we fight. We fight so much. And so you know, it can be a man or woman, who will go that far for you. If you are their teammate….

We work for our team. We’ll come close to dying for our team.  My teammates and club-mates are amazing…

You play as a team. Men or women…. That’s rugby, my friends. He’s sooooo right.

My PRFC is doing that now… playing as a team. Angels, and the boys…

I hate not playing, but I swear on everything I love, that I love my ruggers…

My Angels are still my team… The girls are back on the Nationals hunt. It kills me that I can’t play… Kills me.

And based on what I saw last weekend? My boys? They’re going to improve. Thrive!!! They’re going to make me so happy that I will not know what to do with myself!

Last weekend was the best rugby I’ve seen my men play in a long time. Fantastic hits. FANTASTIC. AMAZING, even. And they won. No, they didn’t just win, they were freaking amazing. I must see the video of the game… First game I’ve ever said that about, and I’ll contact the people involved to get me a copy… but…


I watched longer than I planned. I had to go to work. But I HAD to stay. They were winning. And my boys were playing amazing…

But the plays, the hits, the kicks…. I was amazed. They were great!!!!

I want to see that the next time I come out, guys. Please. I love you all, and I want both teams, DII and DIII to succeed. You have no idea.

Those of you who read this, know I love the rugby guys… Please keep this up. Please!!!!

I need to see, before I leave you all, for my men to do great things. You have the potential. You just have to DO IT.  I know you can. (especially after last weekend!!!)

Please bring it, boys, please.




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15 10 2010

I think what he means by inches isn’t literal. It’s not like he’s saying we need to gain an inch, what he’s saying is that the maximum effort is given at all times. You run as hard as you can, you hit as hard as you can. The inch is a metaphor for that. Its a seemingly inconsequential, almost unmeasurable thing, but in rugby you fight for that “inch” because that is what you do. You go full out, all the time, no quarter asked or given.

15 10 2010
Laura V

That’s Steven Berkoff.

15 10 2010

HOW do you know that!!! So many people asked me when I first posted that video… So. Many!! I recognize the name, though. Who knows how.

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