Dear The Nana,

19 10 2010

I want to wish you the happiest of happy birthdays ever! (tomorrow)

Happy Happy Birthday, Ma!!!!! (that looks strange, just imagine me calling out to you, “ma!” like I do, okay?)

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more than life)

I’m so jealous of you spending your birthday with my Little C… Please give her a big hug and kiss from her Ahn Cleh.

And, I hope you love your birthday present from The GrandPa, Lili and I.

I happen to think this might be the best present we’ve ever selected for you.

I cannot wait to see you in November. I CANNOT WAIT.  I need to see my Mom. Sooo much….

I hope you have a great birthday, and that Little C gives you lots of hugs & kisses. She loves you so much. As do all of us.

Love you & happy birthday, The Nana.



One response

19 10 2010

Happy Birthday to The Nana!

I hope you get many kisses from a certain, very cute, short person 🙂

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