Working girl.

19 10 2010

Wow. I’m working. I have a job. And I love it so amazingly much. Love, people. Even when it means I can’t run touch on Saturdays. I love it.

I’m not making that much $$ but, I love the working. Love it.

I’m working like crazy:

Friday, 10/22 – 8 till close
Saturday, 10/23 – 3 till ?
Sunday, 10/24 – 7 till close
Monday, 10/25 – 6 till close
Saturday, 10/30 – 6 till close
Sunday 10/31 – 6 till close

Holy wows. The Viking? He rocks for this schedule. Obviously.

Who is coming to visit me on these work days!!??? I love when my tweeps show up!! I’m there, except for Saturday, until we close. Get there. You know who you are. Do it!!!

I like tending bar. And apparently I’m good at it. (Thanks to all of you who told me this lately.) I always did like it, but the stress of a full time job, a part time job, and all the rugby crap really ate at me back in the day.

I’m a new girl now. The ruggers and the regulars have seen it. I SMILE behind the bar. You cause a ruckus? I’m calling back the door guy. (He’s pretty awesome, if you haven’t met him. Saturday guy, FYI.) (I don’t know the new door guy on Friday, but I’m sure he’s equally as awesome!)

I love the rush of so many customers cramming the bar and having to run, or slide, back there. Working hard!!! I hate pouring more car or bat bombs than I can count. But, the people, they love them.

So I’ll continue to pour, and I’ll continue to smile, and continue to love this tiny job I have.

I’m happy again, and I am working. And it’s fun again. I gotta love it. And, I do love it.

Thanks, Viking and my Tweeps for showing up, and my ruggers. I love you all. I’m really happy doing this again. Really. Truly.




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