High fives.

23 10 2010

I love My Living Room. You know this. And, I love it again. To. Death.

I love that My Living Room is now on Twitter, without me doing it, and they are DOING IT RIGHT!!!

I love that a random guy in the bar tonight, whose name I recognized from his tab, is the brother of someone I haven’t talked to in forever. Which resulted in text messages, a phone call, and a request to keep an eye on said brother. (Done, btw. Of course!) Love.

I love that certain songs people play on the jukebox result in random Michael Jackson dance parties (twice now since I’ve been back on the clock!) or nearly the whole bar singing along with a song played. Love.

I love waiting on people again. It’s so much fun. I also love nicely asking what someone wants, saying please and thank you. It’s so different this time around. And yes, I’m sane and totally fine in the head*.

Geebus, I missed this place.  And all the crazy that comes with it.

What I didn’t realize, until tonight, that I really missed the High Fives that some of the regulars give you when you work, and the High Fives from your co-workers, too.

High Fives? Rock. True story. (Double High Fives when you have somehow injured your left upper chest, however, suck big time. OUCH!)

*I know I’m entirely fine and happy because I spent Thursday afternoon at Mindbling’s house, visiting her new baby, Mavbling. He’s a cutie pie, FYI. And I did not steal him. I snuggled him, fed him a bottle and talked to him. No baby stealing! But Mindbling actually told me that she’s never seen me so happy. I’ll call that a win.



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27 10 2010

High Five!

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