Birthday Present.

26 10 2010

For The Nana.

I felt like I talked about this enough that I should share with you what Lili, The GrandPa and I bought for The Nana for her birthday.

Especially since I thought it was our best gift to her, ever. And, per Lili, she loved it! (The Nana also told me this, but Lili added info.)

We purchased a Pandora bracelet for The Nana.

We were worried she’d not like a “charm” bracelet. But the Pandora is not a drop charm bracelet, but a circular charm bracelet. And I loved the idea. So did Lili and The GrandPa.

Lili was in charge of the purchase, and WOW, did she do well. (I totally love my Lili, if you are new here.)

The Nana got her plain old bracelet, and these:

She’s The Nana. From Scotland. And LOOOVES her tea. That was our first choice obviously!!!!!! And she said she loves it!!!

And this:

Lili added this one because The Nana gave My Little C a heart necklace that Lili and I have seen on her neck for most of our lives for her christening.  Only dangly charm we picked. But it means a TON.

And this one from Lili, herself:

This is Lili’s input. Biology. Vines. I love it.

There was one other. But I could not find it online… but Lili also bought one to represent The GrandPa’s birthday. So sweet.

The Nana loved it so much that when they had to go swap out the actual bracelet to fit her wrist, she bought this:


I’m so happy The Nana loves this. Lili told me she LOVED IT!!!

Again, best gift EVER!

I was so convinced that this would be a great present that I already have a list, a long list, of charms to buy my mom, The Nana, for holidays, for years!

I had a few I was planning for Christmas, but The Nana beat me to it by buying the “C.”

I need to find a way to get a charm made with a big and little “C” by the way.

Hooray for the family coming up with a great present. I love my family. And in approximately 4 weeks, I’ll see them for Turkey Day. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

(To see them, and to finally see this present!!!) And, OMG, Little C!!! (Even though she clearly said “No” when Lili said “Would you like to say hi to Aunt Claire?” earlier tonight. She’s a busy little lady. I mess with her time, obv.)




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