Sad eBay lady.

2 11 2010

So, when I got this new My Living Room gig, and talked to The Nana, I decided I should buy Christmas presents as they came to me. I’m creative, but bad at coming up with gifts for big holidays… True story..

I’m also bad at saving $, so that idea hit me like a truck. BUY NOW!!!

I kinda knew what I wanted for some people…The Nana. The GrandPa. And Little C. (Lili and NE are very hard to buy for!)

So now I have gifts for Little C. Two, to be specific… (and something I hope and pray The GrandPa loves.)

But I realized I made a mistake. I bid on an eBay item, for Little C, but then found it and another one I wanted and did the “fast buy” or “quick buy” – whatever it is… I got what I wanted.

Two days later, I get this “pay me to get your item, you won!” thing.

Oh crap.

Being the person I am, and realizing what the item I decided to buy it, I decided to just buy it for me..  It’s non-specific to Little C, but more to our relationship. I thought the fam, and eventually Little C would love that we shared that one item.

But it arrived today. Not packed like any other eBay item I’ve purchased.

It was in a blue box, with no packing material. Inside the box, was a Orville Redenbacker’s box. And inside that, with out any additional packing material, was what I purchased. In THREE PIECES.

I’ve demanded a refund of my purchase, and the shipping. Are you kidding me???

That’s what I got, folks. Broken arm. The two humans are supposed to be connected. FAIL!!

I’m on a rampage to get my money back.

And then I will find another one of these to buy to have a duplicate of what I give my Little C, because this one means a lot to me.

eBay, major fail. And Angry Claire is present, in this sense.

Rest of the world, Happy Claire is still here. I’m just temporarily angry. Don’t worry. 🙂

Also, NaBloPoMo 1. Be gentle with me. Bartending is kicking my butt.




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